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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two Very Special People

I'm trying to find a few minutes each day to unzip my digital scrapping kit files and actually have fun scrapping some of my older photos. Usually this time comes very late at night when others begin to settle into bed to read or watch TV as they gently fall off to sleep. That's when I get all wound up to create something because I can finally hear my own inner voice at long last! I always have java in hand (it doesn't keep me awake, either), and during the last couple of those late night sessions I was inspired by two new designer samplers from the blog of Crops2Dawn Creations whom I just found recently. I've already fallen for her work, too! I could immediately see these layouts finished when I popped open her downloads, and that's how I like to work . . . . . as it hits me! Below I've wrapped up two very special people in these lovely designs, my parents! These photos were taken in the '06 Autumn, and from the second story backyard terrace my folks have a lovely view of their "40 acres" and the fall splendor in the mountains that surround them. I am extremely pleased with how these two kits complimented the fall photos so nicely! Remember, I'm a newbie at this, so these may look simple to some; but to me they are already priceless!! For the layout above, I used "Autumn Moments"; for the layout below, I used "Fall Goodies".How sweet is all this? I normally scrap to a 12 x 12 inch page, 300 dpi (3600 x 3600 pixels). My intent for the future is to leave my children all these lovelies in digital form on DVD slideshow format so they can simply pop it in to their DVD's and watch something with fairly good resolution on their big flat screen TV's! However, I also will not be able to keep myself from printing these out in 8 x 8" pages or ordering this size from the online printing services that offer this great size to compile cute smaller square scrapbooks to give as gifts along the way! I'm very enthralled with this new hobby that takes up absolutely no space in my already over-packed home! Thanks all you wonderful folks out there who contribute to my addiction!

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Carol said...

Hi Jan!!! WOW I am in AWE, your layouts look stunning! I wanted to stop by earlier but I have been swamped at the moment! Now I am just dead tired...lol but I wanted to stop by and say Hello and to tell ya I posted your layouts tonight on my blog. They sure did come out pretty neat lookin! I got ya bookmarked on my blog too,I will definately be back to read up on everything I missed! Take Care and thanks sooooooo much!!! xoxoxo