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Monday, October 20, 2008

Baked Pineapple Recipe - YUM!

I've managed to scrap a few of my favorite old standby "never fail" recipes, you know, the ones you pull out and use repeatedly over time, the ones that everybody likes when you have a gathering, the ones that always taste and look the same when they come out of the oven, no matter what mood you were in when you began! Mine are a collection from relatives and life-long friends, and I don't know their origins. I can tell you, however, I am not a gourmet cook; but I am a good cook and I can throw on an impressive feed in short order! I look for combinations of basic ingredients that I recognize, simplicity of the concoction, and finally how well it's received by the lucky folks I test it on. That's how I decide whether or not it stays in my recipe box! I'll share only that type here, basic good food. I classify myself as a good ole country cook; nothing too fancy, but good flavor and good looks.

My first share is "Baked Pineapple" which I have scrapped. It came to me years ago from a Beta Sigma Phi sorority sister, Nancy D., whom I considered to be a great cook. She had a beautiful smile and was always telling stories in such a manner that the rest of us were kept in stitches.

This layout is a 12 x 12" jpg, 300 dpi in case you want to print it, but you can easily size it down to an 8 x 8" if preferred. You can download it here. Credit: Kit "August Shadows" by Miriam Lima found in FxFoto.

Bear with me, I'm still new at putting all this together. If you find something here that isn't working correctly, shoot me a message by email or leave me a comment about it so I can learn how to fix it. Happy cooking!

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