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JUNE 2015

Another album I worked on this month was made to capture the memories of two teenage girls who came to stay a week at the beach with my daughter, whom they dubbed their "fairy beach godmother". There own mom had to stay home up north to continue working her job without a break because the resort she works for is "in season", so nobody gets off then. I felt bad for her, so I've taken the pictures my daughter took and designed an album of the girls' week, and I hope to print it up for their mom's Christmas gift. It contains around 30 pages below. They are beautiful girls! My daughter is great as a fun event coordinator (like a cruise ship director), and she kept them busy every day having fun and making memories.  Even though she uses her phone for taking pictures most of the time, she accidentally gets some pretty good shots; so I had ample material to work with for this project! I tried to keep the album mostly toward the beach theme for the girls.  I'm happy with it!

Here I am going to post my latest scrapbook album of my weeks vacation this month. Most of these were made by using predesigned Quick Pages from the designers at Ginger Scraps because I seem to be in a mega hurry lately. Matters not, I love each page! Enjoy looking! (I don't think I am finished with it yet, but there are already 50-some pages to it, so I may add the rest here when I know I am done.)

Probably more to come for this album!


Here are some of the layouts I finished up this month. I hope you are able to get some inspirational ideas from looking at these!


Here are some random layouts I finished scrapping this month!

JANUARY 22, 2011

Wow!  This page thingy is working!  Can't figure how to get the date on the page posts yet though other than just typing it up there for ya, but I'll keep working on finding the answers.

I'm going to work sort of backwards since I haven't posted since mid November and show you my most recent layouts from now back till then.  I usually like to post the credits when I do this, but I'll have to forego that this time as it would overwhelm me to get them all together at this stage of being so far behind.  It's far easier when you post as you scrap!  I'm personally still scrapping Halloween, Thanksgiving, some birthdays, and Christmas!  Yikes!  Oh well, what's the rush.  Right?  Enjoy this small tour backwards.  LOL!

That's what I've accomplished so far during this month, plus I made a few cards seen below.

Should I go on?  Yes, lets do.  Maybe I can get all caught up in one day!  LOL!

Here are some layouts from my December scrapping efforts.

Want more?  How about some from November?  I think I need to go clear back to mid August on these! 

Moving on back through the month of October now.  And just think, I'm leaving most of the cards, quick pages, brag book pages, and challenges designs I've done all fall and winter!  I may put those on a separate page eventually!

Okay, now lets see what I created in September!


And that brings us the end of layouts scrapped in September 2010.  That should connect us to the point I fell behind on the main blog page.