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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Freebie! (Corrected)

I've attempted my very first design creation, so now I have something to share that you can snag. My personal mentor said "think outside the box", so I think I went a little over the edge with that idea. This Quick Page looks almost "electric", so that's how I named it! Believe me, I am a real newbie at all of this, so hopefully I'll improve as time goes on. Here is my layout using this QP:

This page is 12 x 12 inches at 300 dpi, saved as a PNG file, ready for your use. I named it Electric Slide_Blue. And here's the preview and link for you to go pick it up:


***NOTE: I've corrected and renewed this QP into a real transparent png file, renewed the download link, and included the background paper and frame as separate files in the zip so you have more to play with. Calling this a Quick Page Plus (QP+). Sorry it wasn't correct when first posted, but I've learned a lot since then! The link became broken or corrupt and was removed by 4Shared. (Date of correction: 6-23-09)

I'm making a journey north to get my hubby some real medical help but will be here again in a few days. Will fill you in then. Keep scrapping!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Hope you're having a great holiday weekend with a little extra time off! I'm trying to install a permanent slideshow of my scrapped layouts, and then I'm off to the pool for awhile. I may check in later tonight if I'm not having too much fun elsewhere! LOL!

#13 Can Be Lucky!

We celebrated our anniversary last Sunday, so I put this layout together and slipped it into L's email to happen across. We had been joined at the hip (and/or lips) for four years before getting married in the courtyard of castle ruins on the oceanfront in a small private ceremony. Afterwards, we walked across the dunes; I picked up my skirt and he rolled up his trousers, and we played in the water for the longest time. The August day was sunny and hot until after our 4 p.m. ceremony. It clouded over and we could see a storm coming in from the south as we played. Oh yeah, we took our honeymoon to Vegas the week before we got married. Girls, you can do everything backwards when you are older! Ha!!

The background is from an FxFoto kit, August Shadows, by designer Miriam Lima. The white lace mats were a freebie from Cens Loft, and the elements used are from TinaT's kit, Imagine.

We have settled into the beach well in those 13 years, and hey, maybe we've changed only a tad since then. Double Ha!!