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Sunday, June 28, 2009


We went to a fabulous cookout last evening hosted by friends, and the food was so good I grazed all night! Ribs cooked over charcoal - YUM!! Homemade red potato salad - PERFECT! Fruit salad of every fruit, melon, tree and vine grown goodie known to man - REFRESHING! A 7-layered taco flavored dip for chips - good enough to have been a meal in itself!! Steamed vegetables with melted cheese atop. There was an angel-food cake dessert, but I never made it that far. Thanks my friends, it was a wonderful evening! I particularly enjoyed looking at your perfect garden growing so well in this southern heat and watching all the huge dragonflies descend among us to feast on any mosquitoes lurking about. What an unusual phenomenon to behold! And thank you, Johnathan for the guitar serenade all evening! It was a lovely evening!

I'm indoors under air again this afternoon escaping the mid day heat, so I've worked up several freebies for you to snag.

First, here is #4 of my Abstract Quick Page+ series. This QP contains two photo frames in lilac. I've included the paper and frame as separate files so you can play around with it yourself if desired. My QP is a 12x12", 300 dpi, png format. Here's the preview:


Second, comes my fifth paper pack in my "Blooming Borders" collection. Ahha, you thought I forgot about the rest of these, didn't you? Not so, just takes time to organize files. This pack contains 4 background papers in nice slightly textured purple with the fuchsia flowers bordering in four different positions. I hope you can find use for them. Here is the preview:


Third and last for today, a cool quick recipe I scrapped for the May DID Recipe Challenge. It's in 8x8" format for those of you who like to collect and print at home. I used a combination of two kits by the DID designers which are for sale in the DID store, and the credits are included in the download for those of you who like to investigate further. Here is the preview:


Leave me some love if you like my freebies. I'd really like to know what you think or if these will be useful and so on.

I'm hopping off for now to spend the rest of this afternoon designing some jewelry (another passion of mine). I have to take advantage of any quiet time that comes my way, so I'm all over the next few hours! I'll be back soon with more goodies for you!


Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hi everybody! This will be a quick post as I'm super-busy today! It's so HOT here at the beach that I've taken shelter indoors under the air and am in the middle of a million indoor projects; such as housecleaning and getting ready to have yard sales to rid myself of the excess that piles up over the years. On top of that I've decided to whip out the sewing machine and hem up all the long pants I can't wear because I'm 5 ft. 2 in. tall. Everything I buy has to be cut off and fixed to length for a shortie! It should take forever! I did take time last night to prepare a nice meal for dinner, sort of an Asian flavored rice dish which included chicken/pork/taters/vegetables/even scrambled eggs mixed in. What I find hard to do is to cook for two, and that's the number who were in the house for dinner last night which is an unusual occurrence in this house. Well, by the time I finished the meal prep, I ended up taking a huge portion of the hot meal to three of my next door neighbors along with dessert. They love it when I cook. We have adopted the elderly couple to our left as "grandparents" as they have no childen at all, and I enjoy keeping them fed well from time to time.

Alrighty now - Here's your FREEBIE! This is #03 in my current Abstract QP+ giveaway. Along with the QP, I've included the paper and frame as separate files in the zip so you have more to play with on your own. I hope everybody likes this concept. Of course, if you are collecting all of these, the paper will be replicated in your files; and you can just delete all but one copy to save disc space. Haha! I will be changing paper on the next series, amen! Here's the preview:


Bright, right? You will be able to save all these to make a one-theme album if you like these that well. I always design in 12 x 12", 300 dpi so everything that comes from me is in that format. However, when I print or order my own prints of my scrapping, I make or order 8 x 8" because it's a great size for saving space in the home! (Chuckle!) You can easily resize all my things to suit yourself. Leave some love if you download. It spurs on the project, for sure!

I'm off now, back to the real work for today! Be back soon!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Okay! Ready for more?? The newest release from our designing sisters over at DK Designs is a beautiful kit named "HOPE", and it's full of romantic pieces and parts to surround your memorable photos! Skip on over to iscrapbook to pick it up! Here's the preview:

Beautiful, isn't it? It has so many wonderful elements to love in it. I'm particlarly fond of the stitches, ivy, and the complete softly colored chipboard type alpha! Here's what our CT has done with it so far:

By Amanda . . .By Anjanette . . .
By Brandy . . . By Cynthia . . . By Josie . . . and by me . . . Are you inspired yet?? Well, just in case you need just a little more shove to go shopping over at iscrapbook, take a look at this new GROOVY kit called "SUMMER ALL THE TIME" also just released by DK Designs. It's so perfectly colorful for all your summertime scrapping needs! Here's the preview:

And here are the layouts by our CT:

From Amanda . . .

From Anjanette . . .From Brandy . . .And from me . . .I so totally enjoyed and will enjoy working with this kit for a long time! The colors just make me happy!! The papers are lively!! Don't forget to check out Cherity and Josie's blog as they always have some freebies for you there! If you're not inspired by now, you'd better check your pulse! TeeHee!

Alas! It's time for your FREEBIE, #02 in my Abstract Quick Page Plus give-away. This one has a deeper blue glass frame in two sizes on the QP. The paper and frame are included in the zip file so you can add to your stash and play. Thus the "Plus (or +)" in the folder name. These are for PU only, and I'd love to see anything you make. My email can be found in my TOU included in the zip.


Leave me some love to spur me on in this project! Most of all ENJOY! I'll be back in the next day or two with another free paper pack in my Blooming Borders series, so drop back in and snag your freebies!



I have a lot to show you today, so I'll get right to it! The designing sister team at DK Designs has released four AWESOME kits so far this month! First comes a very patriotic themed kit called "FREEDOM". This kit is loaded with wonderful red, white, and blue elements, papers, and a great alpha; and it can be purchased at iscrapbook. Here's the preview:

Here are the great layouts by the CT with this kit:

By Amanda . . .

By Anjanette . . .

By Brandy . . .

And by me . . .
I'm always so proud of all of our efforts, each is so different and unique! I make it a habit not to peek at anyone else's work until I finish my own layout first. When I'm finally happy with my own and decide it is definitely finished, then I rush to see what everybody on the team has done! It's so fun!

Next up is another wonderfully patriotic kit called "STARS & STRIPES", and it is also available at iscrapbook and just chocked full of goodies to play with! Here's the preview:

We were allowed to mix these two patriotic themed kits to create our layouts, so take a look at what our CT composed:

From Amanda . . .

From Anjanette . . .

From Brandy . . .
From Cynthia . . .
From yours truly . . .

Aren't these just fabulous?!! We all have great photographic subjects to work with, hey? Again, these are FABULOUS kits, so you need to rush on over to iscrapbook to pick up your very own. They will be the perfect kits to have on hand to scrap all your July 4th festivities!!

I think I'll sign off here and come back later with two or three more posts to bring you totally up-to-date. I just realized the way I prefer to lay out these posts is backwards of what I'm actually doing. Sometimes you need to think backwards, do backwards, and then things work in the order you had intended. Have I lost you? I've lost me with all that! TeeHee!!

Be back shortly, so stay tuned!!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Quick Page Success!

Wow! I just realized how long it's been since my last post! Geez! I'm bad! But I have been learning some digi know-how in the interim. I've just mastered an easy method of making Quick Pages out of layouts, and this is something I've always wanted to learn, so I'm excited and feel the extreme need to share!! It will facilitate a lot more freebies from me! Yipee!! I found a great (but short) tutorial in the forum of Go Digital Scrapbooking, and this has helped me over the proverbial hump in PSE6. I love concise directions that really work, so I intend to post that exact tutorial in this blog very soon in the next few days so that perhaps more like me can benefit from it.

For now, I am so enthused I have to share one of my own creations with you. It's called a "Quick Page Plus" (or QP+) which I learned from designer Joni Gray. When I began to follow her blog, she not only gave away the quick page but included the background paper and whatever elements she had on the quick page as separate files so you could move them around to suit yourself or use them in other layouts of your own. I thought this was a really neat concept and quite generous of her, so I shall attempt doing the same fow now.

My FREEBIE for today is the first in a series of wild looking abstracts you can collect here. I've included the QP, the paper, and the frame in the zip file for you. The QP is in png format so it can be used in almost any program and is 12 x 12 inches at 300 dpi, the paper is in jpg format and the same size and resolution, and the frame is in png format and large enough that you can play around with the size to suit yourself. I left the QP blank other than the frames so you can dress it up with your own journaling and other elements as desired. I hope you'll find use for it and enjoy it somewhere in your scrappin' needs. My abstracts are spawned from a cross in the southern heat of summer here and my past of growing up during the true hippie years, so never be alarmed at what you may see here! Haha!! I still consider myself a "modified hippie". Here's the preview:

Download HERE

As you can see, this will hold four photos of your choice. If you like it and download, please leave me some love to spur me on. If I can see that it's well received, I can be back daily with a new one for you!!

My mind is way ahead of what my fingers are able to keep up with each day. Does anybody else have a problem with 24 hours in a day being too short?

Be back soon! Tootles!