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Saturday, April 27, 2013


Greetings!  I'm on a good two-day roll here!  I finished up another Quick Page last night for my entry in the free monthly QP contest in the forum over at Ivy Scraps.  The kit is free for all who enter and make one page.  This time we got to play with "Heart Light" by Raymonde Savoie, and here is her kit preview . . .

Isn't that a pretty kit?  I designed a 12x12-inch png Quick Page at 300 dpi from it, so here is a look at that . . .


Just a reminder; if you would like to collect the rest of these free QPs for an easy album, skip on over to the April Quick Page Contest thread in the forum at Ivy Scraps.  Each contestant will have a free direct download link posted in that thread.  If you are not registered in that forum, you will need to register to be able to see all the posts in that thread.  You can get a quick look at all the pages by looking in the QP Contest Gallery, but the download links are in the forum thread.  This contest is open until the end of around May 10th this time; downloads are available for 30 days following the end of the contest.

Leave some love if you download, I notice comments are currently lacking.  Comments equal motivation for me!!

I will try to have the April and May calendar grids up for you in the next couple of days, so tune in frequently. 

For now,


Friday, April 26, 2013


Happy end of April, everybody!  Ouch!  It's been awhile since I posted; sorry for absences of this length.  Real life just keeps getting busier and busier these days, or so it seems; and working a 40-hr. week again has really put a skid on my creative time.  Rats!  If I can find any free time, I'm  usually falling asleep in the middle of it.  - - April has seen my parents married for 66 years, and my dad just celebrated his 90th birthday.  My only brother flew across the country to spend dad's birthday week with my folks in a ski resort in the mountains of Virginia.  Dad had so much fun he wants to turn 90 every day!  - - - My grandchildren have begun their spring sports; baseball, softball, and gymnastics. 

I've participated in two Quick Page challenges this month, and I have the first one ready as a freebie for you.  Digi Scrap Station offered us Lily Kay's kit, Vole Au Vent, to play with.  We all made an 8-inch QP for the contest, but I always scrap in 12-inch size, so I'm offering both sizes for download below.  These are png files at 300 dpi.  Here is the kit preview . . .

And here is a look at the QP I designed with it . . .


8-inch size, HERE or HERE

12-inch size, HERE or HERE

I hope you can use this in your digi-scrapping.  If you would like to collect all the free QPs from this month's contest at DSS, just visit their forum under the April QP Game thread where all the contestants provide direct download links to their pages.

I'll be back soon with a second QP for you from the other contest I play in, and I also just realized I need to ge the April calendar grid up for you, as well as the one for May. 

Don't forget to leave some love if you download and like my freebies! 

Until next time,