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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I'm going to begin this post with two New York City skyline photos taken before 9/11/01, so have a look at these and stop a moment to remember . . .

"Ten years ago I watched those beautiful towers fall.  I sat on my couch and cried.  Not just at the destruction of those landmarks, or from fear, or from anger, but at the loss of something precious that I will never be able to truly share with my children. - - What I will share with my children is what the towers stand for:  Our freedom.  A freedom that was hard-fought, that continues to be hard-fought, and that is something priceless.  Freedom can be taken away; we take it so for granted, but it is not and has never been free. - - On 9.11.11 I will remember the towers.  I will remember our freedom.  I will remember those who died to grant us freedom, to protect our freedom, and to preserve our freedom.  - - I know this day will be different for all of us, but I invite you to reflect and share your memories.  I leave you with favorite photos of NYC before 9.11.01 at twilight with the twin towers lit in all their glory." - - exerpt from The Studio newsletter by Toiny Westberry

So appropriate that I had to post most of it for you, my peeps.  Toiny's favorite photo is the middle one, and I added my favorite NYC skyline, the bottom photo, and another Studio member just added the top photo for us.  Thanks, "rabbitrun"!  The Studio's newsletters are so good, that if you aren't currently subscribed to them, you should do so.  I always look forward to reading Toiny's personal stories and seeing the photos of her family while living the military life in Germany now.

Today also marks many other happier special events, so lets mention those also!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BFF, and you know who you are!  I hope you have a very special day to remember!  This is also my youngest DD's wedding anniversary, so to you, have a HAPPY DAY!

Last, but surely not least, this just happens to be my 100th blog post!  Woohoo!!  So to celebrate that, I have another FREEBIE for you, and I've also decided to have a little fun contest complete with a digi-prize!  During a recent dabbling design session,  I played around making colorful flowers, oodles of them!  For you I picked out 27 of my favorites.  WARNING:  Some of them are pretty bright and cheerful!  I figured this would help lift your spirits today!  True to our American philosophy, we must keep our spirits high and keep on plowing forth to our dreams!  So I hope you can find use for these to brighten up your scrapping pages; enjoy FLOWER FUN #1, and here's the preview . . .

If the above download link is out of bandwith, try downloading HERE.  There's been a huge response for this pack of flowers!  Yeah!

Now, I'm not quite finished having fun, so keep reading!  To further celebrate my 100th blog post, I'm having a contest for any of my faithful followers, and it's super-easy.  I hope you are familiar with leaving a comment below this post.  Do so, and also take a stab at guessing my middle name!  Anyone who gets it exactly right wins and receives a FREE digital download of my OVAL MONTH FRAMES pictured below . . .Be sure to leave your name, your email if you want so I can contact you (or just leave your name and I will post a list of the winners in my next blog post and leave you my email so you can then send me yours, whichever you prefer).  I'll even give you a couple of hints:  My middle name has 7 letters and ends with E.  Have fun!  Can't wait to read all the submissions!  LOL!  This is wide open and there can be as many winners as get my middle name exactly correct and spelled correctly.  So have at it!  Here's what you'll win . . .

I think these frames are such a classy accent to add to a page, I love them!  They've been available in The Mason Jar, but hopefully lots of you will win them now!  Contest closes Sept. 18th, 2011, at midnight EST.  That's a full week to find me and make your guesses!

Don't forget to leave me some love!  The more love I get the more I give away!  Talk to you soon!


Monday, September 5, 2011


HAPPY LABOR DAY ALL!  I hope you're having a nice holiday weekend!  Enjoy this last fling and stay safe.

I've been cranking out some work lately, and you'll notice some slight changes and additions to the top of this blog page. Yep, that's right! I finally got my CRAFT STORE open online at Etsy, so I've put easy links to stay on this page so any of you interested will be able to browse my shop easily when you feel like it.  To celebrate my Grand Opening there, I've posted a coupon code for 10% off all purchases for the entire month of September!  Yeah!  Please do hop over and drop in for a look-see over your mug of coffee.  This store is for my real handicrafts which have taken over my house through the years.  My digital creations will remain freebies here on my blog.

But enough about me, lets get on to YOU!  In celebration of Labor Day, I am giving you a nice pack of papers called "SEPTEMBER".  I have noticed lately that I love papers with text already on them, especially the month names; so I decided to try my hand at designing some of my own.  Success!  I have more than half of the year's made, so around the first of each month here you'll find a FREEBIE paper pack by that month's name.  Hopefully, there will be several papers in the pack, and one will definitely have the name of the month text on it.  My creations so far are hugely different from one another, so don't worry about things looking the same.  They won't!  Colors also will be geared to the time of year on these.  I did well for September, there are NINE papers in this FREEBIE.  Here is the pack preview . . .

and here is the preview of the month paper with text


(There's been a huge response to this paper pack, so I'm providing a secondary download site.  If I'm am out of bandwith at the above link, try downloading HERE.)

Unzip this freebie right away, there's a coupon inside for you!

I'm amazed that I've managed to accomplish this much lately.  I set some goals and tried to stick to them, but I've also been busy with family activities and sitting with my grandbabes.  They are growing like weeds and so full of energy.  I'm completely exhausted after my days with them, but it's nothing some good sleep won't repair!  LOL!  I'm happy to say that all three of mine are delighted to be back in school.  They love going and love learning, and they love sharing all that knowledge with each other.  Oh, I remember those days myself!

I'll be back soon with more digi-goodies for you, so return often!  Meantime, I hope to see you visit and leave me a message at my new craft store!  I've made so many friends online that it still amazes me to pieces!  Hugs to all of you!