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Friday, May 22, 2009


This month is fleeting by, and our warm beach weather has been wonderful! I've been busy attending my 7-yr. old grandson's baseball games in the evening several times a week, and that's been fun. This is his first year playing, and it's fun to watch all the tikes learn the game. I've taken a lot of pictures, hopefully I have some good ones to scrap.

Here's another paper pack FREEBIE for you, the 4th in my collection of "Blooming Borders". This one has four ferny green textured background papers flanked with four varied positions of floral borders of roses and carnations. Hope you can use it! As always with me, it's in 12 x 12" format (3600 x 3600 pixels), 300 dpi, and personal use.


Now, to catch you up on the new kits out from DK Designs, the latest is called "LolliPop" and is available here. It's adorable!

Here's what our CT has done with it so far:

From Amanda,

From Brandy,

From Cynthia,

And from yours truly,

Honestly, my little man Mason is such the clown and always providing great amusing shots if I just carry the camera on me 24/7 like a cell phone!

Three more kits were released by DK Designs earlier this month, so here's a preview of "Grunge Princess" which is also available here. This is a great kit to play with and lends itself to many potentials.

Cherity and Josie are offering an Add-On Freebie to this kit on their blog, hurry and get yours. Here's it's preview:

They have also worked up a mini Quick Album which you can snag at the store. Here's a preview of it. I just love quick pages!

And here is what our CT came up with working from this kit:

By Amanda . . .

By Brandy . . .

By Cherity . . . By Cynthia . . .
And this from me . . .

And early in the month the kit "Mother's Day" was released and is available at http://www.iscrapbook.com/ and here is the preview:

Also offered up in the store is a precious mini Quick Album from this kit, and here is that preview:

Here's a look at our CT layouts with this kit:

From Amanda,

From Brandy,

From Cynthia,
and from me, That's my mom at 81 years young in this lower layout, lower photo. She is such a dynamo of energy I should hope to do as well!!

And lastly released to the store at Eidou, is the new kit "Orange Sherbet" by DK Designs, and here is the preview:

The generous designers of this lovely kit are offering a FREEBIE Quick Page on their blog, so hurry along and pick up yours! Here's a look at it:

Here are the CT layouts with this lovely kit:

From Amanda . . .

From Brandy . . . From Cynthia . . .
From Josie . . . And, finally, from me . . .
Aren't these great pages?!! Mine depicts a day of male shopping and bonding between Mason and his Pawpa at "the man's store". What a riot! All this boy stuff is new to me as I raised two girls and am just now getting into male behavior through the grandsons. Hysterical!

That's it for now. Stay tuned to pick up more paper freebies in my Blooming Borders series. There will be a few much brighter ones coming along shortly. Give me some feedback on these by leaving comments here or at 4Shared when you download.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm getting there....catching up, that is! I even managed to create two new slideshows to put here on this blog; the most decent size one happens to be at the very bottom of this blog page where my music player is, and it contains all my CT layouts so far. The other one in the right side bar is of my own personal scrapping. And I've even changed my blog background and saved another blog layout to use later. I tried making my own and really love what I created, but as yet I not been able to size it correctly so it does what I want it to do. Will circle back and work on that later on a rainy day! Heehee! I am a little disappointed that my blog template width for the actual written word and side bar seems to be so narrow compared to some I've seen. Not sure how to fix that since certain blogger templates are recommended to use with certain backgrounds folks make. Anyway, I will also go back and research the designer of this background and post it for you on here so you can check out the rest of her designs. I happened across an awesome list and had a ball checking out all the pretties!

I will make this short and get right to the FREEBIE I have for you. This is the third set of "Blooming Borders" paper collection coming your way from me. This is a basic muted teal paper with a daisy mix border. I hope you'll be able to find use for them. There are four papers in this set, each is 12 x 12 inch (3600 x 3600 pixels), 300 dpi and is PU (personal use).


Please leave some luv either here or on 4Shared if you download. I'd love to see anything you make with it and will be happy to post it here on my blog. I've added a chat widget in my right side bar also, so feel free to leave a quick "hello" there or ask a question, make a comment. And please, keep it clean.

I hope to have time soon to investigate how to use Windows Live Writer for posting as I've heard it's supposed to be easier. Any helpful tips on that would be much appreciated also.

I'm doing great on my new e-cig (electronic cigarette), and I stay so "jazzed" over it. I haven't had a real cigarette since starting on my e-cig; isn't that just wonderful?!! If you smoke or love a smoker, please take a look and read up everything on my InLife website here. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about it at all. It's truly the latest and the greatest new product on the market! Remember when cell phones were new? Well, it's kinda like that. Now everybody seems to have a cell phone, and eventually all smokers will be smoking e-cigs if they are smart and making healthier choices.

We are getting scattered light thunderstorms here now, supposed to last for a few days; and we are thankful for Mother Nature's help in putting out the remaining smoldering hot spots of the recent wildfire here in this area. Fire, so dreadful, my very worst fear. Sure makes a hurricane look workable!!

Take care. Hope you're having a great week! I'll be back again soon to show you some more great kits and layouts!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It's certainly been hot enough here already for some refreshing lemonade, but I'm talking about the new kit "PINK LEMONADE" from DK Designs which is available at iscrapbook. Have a look for yourself at this preview:

Josie and Cherity are graciously offering a matching Quick Page freebie to this kit on their blog. Be sure to hop over there and snag it for yourself! Here'e the QP preview:

Here for your viewing pleasure are the compiled CT layouts with this charming kit which is just in time for your spring/summer scrapping needs:

By Cherity,

By Josie,

By Cynthia,

By Anj,

By Amanda,

By our newest CT member, Brandy, (Welcome Aboard!)

And by me,

I'm always amazed how different the layouts are by each person using the same kit, it's just astonishing how each artist sees, thinks, and creates differently and each creation is truly unique! I bet you can't wait to see what you can come up with too, right? I know you're excited, it's a kit of beautiful color combinations and papers to play with!

Okay, I'm making progress! I hope to be back perhaps later today with a freebie paper pack for you, so check back soon!



Much needed rain is falling at last as I write this post. The wildfire has continued to burn here for at least two weeks and has consumed about 20,000 acres of very dry forest and undergrowth along the Grand Strand. Luckily it has caused no deaths, but it tragically took out 69 homes in one of our primier resort neighborhoods, and has damaged well over 100 more homes. Relief efforts here have been outstanding and are still underway for those displaced. My daughter's home was spared due to a shift in the beach winds as it neared her district in the late evening. How scary it has been! Whew! Thank the Lord for the much needed rain at last!

I need to do some catching up. I should be doing several posts a day just to get up to date! Yikes! To catch up the rest of April, I'll first show you the cute kit released by DK Designs called Lilly Pond which is available at iscrapbook . . .

It's so cute! There is also a freebie add-on offered by Cherity and Josie on their blog, so go pick up this:

Here are the CT layouts done with this kit:

From Cynthia . . .

From Cherity . . .

From Amanda . . .

From Anj . . .

From Josie . . .And from yours truly . . .

I'm sure you will think up a million ways to use this really fun kit! I want to find more free time to circle back around and do some more of my own fun scrappin' with the darling kits these gals are cranking out for us!

My days have been busy with lots of babysitting the grandkids; feeding/watering/walking the extra doggies staying here; feeding and fueling up the hubby who is between jobs and around the house a lot more than is normal, then finding ways to run my normal daily errands around the road closures in our area due to thick smoke and poor visibility. Things are just not anywhere close to normal pace currently!

I must put in a good word for Craig'sList.com online as I've been hugely successful in selling some things on there lately! Yippee! I had no idea just how many folks must be tuned into that on a daily basis. Try it out for just about any need, it works!

I'll be back hopefully later today with more recent digi-happenings for you! I'm also behind on my freebies, so I'll crank those out this week also. I've got all those pretty flower bordered papers I want you to have for spring/summer scrapping! Check back!