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Friday, August 31, 2012


Happy last day of August!  This will be a quick post as I am currently beat for sleep.  Just wanted to pop in here and share this paper pack I've worked on before the month was totally over!  I believe this completes my year-long project of providing you with a monthly paper pack designed around a text paper of the current month.  This month the text paper is a gorgeous shade of my favorite color, TEAL.  I also played with some wonderful overlays and am more than happy with how this pack turned out.  There are 7 background papers, 12 x 12 inch, 300 dpi.  I hope you have collected all 12 of my free paper packs since last September!  Here is the preview of my AUGUST PAPERS . . .


Box.com, HERE

Open Drive, HERE

4Shared, HERE

I provide a choice of download sites in case one runs short of bandwidth during any given month.  I also strive to work with file sharing sites that don't hassle the person doing the downloading, and so far Box.com and Open Drive do a fabulous job!

Don't worry, there will be more free papers to come!  I have the next pack almost ready but I'll keep it a surprise for now.  Stop back by on Labor Day for another goodie I hope to have up for you to add to your digi-stash. 

Thanks to all who take time to leave me comments!  I so appreciate a little feedback or response from you.  My purpose in blogging and freebies is to interact with you, so it's nice to hear what you think.  It really helps to spur on the creative process!

Have a great Friday and a great holiday weekend!  Stay safe and enjoy family, friends and the fun you have planned.  Be back soon!


Sunday, August 19, 2012


Happy end of summer, my faithful peeps!  Can you believe it's time for the kids to return to school?!  I don't know how the majority of them feel, but it seems like summer passed like a flash of lightning to me!  I'm a lucky Mimi; my three grandchildren LOVE going to school.  They are not NURDS, they simply have very active minds and like to stay busy learning.  I also believe they love all the socialization with the other students in that setting.  We'll be super busy this fall with all the sports practices and games they will be into.  We are spending the last few days of summer swimming up a storm in our neighborhood pool and cooking out on the patio.  DH plans to take the children fishing as the weather cools a bit in the Fall.  He will also be teaching our oldest grandson how to play guitar with one-on-one lessons twice a week this Fall.  My last full day with all three grandbabes will be tomorrow (Monday).  We will be whooping it up, for sure!

For right now, I have a FREEBIE Photo Mat / Clipping Mask for you with the theme of "then and now".  I got the idea while reading an August challenge over at The Studio.  I already had the "then" mask and the "now" mask made up individually, but I got the wild idea of linking them together with an ampersand.  This whole thing is one png file at 300 dpi, and you can enlarge or reduce the size of it easily to suit your need.  I hope you can think of ways to use it.  You can clip a paper to it and then pop photos on the top; or you can get creative with how you clip photos directly to it and maybe put a paper on the ampersand.  See what you can come up with!  Here is the preview . . .




I've been doing a little designing and am almost ready to post my free paper pack for August.  That will complete a full year of monthly free paper packs that were inspired by my idea of a monthly text paper.  Hope you have enjoyed and been able to use these freebies!  I worked on a slew of journaling cards last night, so you'll be seeing some of those very soon.  I also want to get back to my template designing and give at least one away per week.  I have such good intention but get so easily side-tracked with all kinds of disruptions.

Hope you'll check back often!  Have a great weekend!


Friday, August 3, 2012


Welcome back everybody, and welcome to AUGUST already!  Whew, the summer flies, right?  Our remodeling project is coming along nicely and nearing an end very soon!  Yeah for us!  My new futon cover arrived today from Overstock (dot) com, and I'm more than thrilled with the quality, the fit, the general look!  It's a wild, tropical looking print; so needless-to-say I was a bit timid when ordering it.  UPS delivered it mid-day, so I spent the remainder of the afternoon wrestling that full-size mattress onto a sheet on the floor, vacumming the entire thing front and back, then inching the new cover into place.  Thank goodness the zipper is on three of the four sides!  I conquered the task but was exhausted afterwards.  I'm just not that young in the body anymore.  The brain may take fits thinking that it is, but the body doesn't cooperate as well.  I took pictures, so when I get those into my puter I'll put some up so you can see what we've done so far.

Right now, I have another FREEBIE QUICK PAGE for you!  I signed up to participate again in the monthly QP game over at Digi Scrap Station, and I decided to whip it out early this month.  The kit is called "SUMMER SUNSHINE" and is by Gail Cook.  It's full of fun bright colors and was great to work with.  I'm pleased with my page as I'm a beach person as you probably know by now.  I made this available in two sizes; an 8-inch as required by the forum game, and a 12-inch just because that's what size I scrap in most of the time.  Both sizes are available for download below.  Take your pick or take both!  These are 300 dpi for excellent print quality. 

Here is a look at the Gail's kit preview . . .

and here is a look at the Quick Page I designed with it . . .


8-inch HERE

12-inch HERE

Don't forget, if you would like to collect the free Quick Pages from all the game participants, head over to the forum at Digi Scrap Station, and check out the forum thread for the August Quick Page Game.  Direct download links are available there.  Previews are in the gallery, but download links are in the forum thread with each participant's post.  You can certainly collect a nice QP album that way for free!  All the pages there will be the 8-inch size so they are uniform, but lots of us are offering additional sizes on our blogs, and blog links are also available within each person's post.  So, have fun and go collecting.  It will make your summer scrapping go much faster!!  LOL! 

Leave me some love if you download.  I need to know you are out there!  It helps to stimulate more freebies!  I've got about 20 peeps following my blog loyal-like through the Google Connect on the side bar.  Thanks ladies!!  I know you are there, and I luv ya!

Since it's Friday, I'm gonna hop off now and go take my PhotoShop Friday lesson over at Jessica Sprague.  Ooohh, I so look forward to each and every one!  They are always yummy, like inhaling candy!!  LOL!  Are we digi-addicted or WHAT???

I'll try to be back soon with more goodies, so check back in often.