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Friday, January 31, 2014


BURR, FOLKS!!  I hope wherever you are, that you're warm and happy!  It's been sleeting, icy, and snowy here at my southern beach with temps around 20 degrees.  Black ice has been a problem, the kids have been out of school for 3 days now to stay safe.  By noon today we should start thawing out if the predictions are correct.  Got some snowy pictures of landscapes and my grandkids in winter garb; mittens, toboggans, and such!  It's a real rare thing here! 

My two grandsons had birthdays on the 25th and 30th this month.  They are 8 and 12 respectively now.  Such a joy to be here and be close to enjoy them as I get to do!  They are so sweet and perfect clowns for my photos, as well as my only granddaughter.  Most of my pics are slightly blurry because these kids are in constant motion.  The don't know the meaning of "being still" for a second or two.  I just have to keep snapping until I get a good one eventually.

Today I have completed my Quick Page Freebie for my monthly entry for Digi Scrap Station.  We got to use a kit called "JANUARY MOODS" by The Brown Owl.  I made an 8-inch size for the game and also a 12-inch size for those of you who like that size.  These are png format at 300 dpi for print quality.  Here one of the kit previews . . .

and here is the Quick Page I made for the game and for you . . .
8-inch size:  HERE or HERE
12-inch size:  HERE or HERE
Visit the January 2014 Quick Page Collection Game forum thread at Digi Scraps Station to find the free download links for all the page made this month.  There are always such pretty pages!
Below are a couple of pages I just finished of our current weather, some in my neighborhood, at my grandchildren's home, and in my downtown area.  These were made with the use of a template called Case File 72 I picked up free at Scrap Art Studio just this week.  They come out on Mondays and are free through Friday each week, then are sold for a cancer charity after that.  I simply reversed the template horizontally, moved a couple of the elements, and then took out the center post in the two upper frames to expose the pictures a little better.  Super quick scrapping with the only addition being a background paper from the January Moods Kit.  I did a small amount of journaling on each picture in real tiny font as I wanted to remember that my son-in-law is wearing the scarf I knitted for him two Christmases ago finally. 

Below is the recipe card I made for my entry in the Recipe Card Challenge hosted by Let Me Scrapbook over at Digital Scrapbooking Studio for the month of January.  The theme was "healthy" recipes, and I fell in love with the little monkeys in the starter kit!  The second image is a blank I included for the other participants to have.

These are web size images, but the ones we submit for the challenge are print quality size, and all participants receive them at the end of the month.  Wow!  The challenge was huge this month!  Guess I'm not the only one who likes monkeys!

That concludes my scrapping for the moment.  I hope to be back soon with something special for February, so do stay tuned in and stop back by.  Leave a little love if you downloaded my goodies so I know you were around.  Your presence helps to spur creativity.


Thursday, January 16, 2014


Happy mid month, my peeps!  Hope you are not freezing to death!  Wow, my weather channel is so full of all the snow coverage and freezing temperature news across the entire country that I find I've been dressing too heavily for work here in the mornings!  Makes me cold just to watch all that!  We've had a lot of extreme heavy fog because our own nights are dipping into the really chilly zone but our days still get up to normal warmth for our area, so that makes for heavy fog that can last most of a day when it happens.  It's weird looking, and visibility is cut to just a few hundred yards in front of one's self.

I think we are finally all over the holiday viruses that had set in on us.  Yucky!  We have taken down the holiday decor and tucked it away for another year; and last week I finished up the shipments of gifts that didn't make it on time.  Don't know if I've ever been that late before, but hey, there is a first for everything!  From what I've heard, the UPS, USPS, and FedEx were running behind themselves, so I shouldn't feel so badly.  I can now say it's officially over for another year. 

I'm having to spend an enormous amount of time organizing and moving digital files from internal drives to external drives in preparation of getting a new desktop soon.  Mine has had some glitches since August, so being that it is close to 7 years old, I'm up for a new system and hubby will take this one and wipe it clean and use it until it dies.  I'm not looking forward to giving up "the familiar" and taking on "the unfamiliar", but gaining more RAM, better processor, and more storage always sound good to me. 

I've squeezed in a little personal scrapping and made a challenge Quick Page on my days off.  I miss having time to design more, but my fulltime job has limited what I get done with the hours I have.  To begin our new year, I've participated in the QP challenge over at Ivy Scraps using the kit, "Yesterday's Memories" by Waite for the Moment Designs.   Visit the forum there under the January QP Challenge thread to gather up all the free Quick Pages, and you'll have a nice album ready to scrap.  Or better yet, consider participating in the challenge and practice making Quick Pages with us to share with everyone!  Get involved!  There's a great group of gals that hang out there all the time, and we all chat and help each other.  Here is the kit preview . . .

and here is the FREE QUICK PAGE made by yours truly in png format, 12 x 12-inch, 300 dpi, ready to slip a couple of photos underneath . . .


I hope you can use my freebies in your digi-scrapping!  Leave some love if you download, I need to know you've stopped by and wish me to continue making freebies. 

One pleasant gift we received during the holidays came from a neighbor gal a few doors down, and she gave us the recipe as well.  In the photo below, you can see I hopped all over it, making some of my own.  The recipe is simple and quick; just my style!  I used parchment paper on my cookie sheets to prevent sticking.  (1) Fill up a cookie sheet with Snyder's mini pretzels.  (2) Set a Rolo candy on top of each pretzel.  (3) Place in a 350 degree oven for 4 minutes.  (4) Remove from oven and top with a pecan half.  Easy-peasy!  I cooled mine in the freezer for a couple of minutes, then placed in an air-tight jar for later snacking.  I also experimented with different types of caramel filled chocolate candy to see which would work best.  Stick with the Rolo candy; the melting temperature of it is more perfect and the caramel does not escape it so easy.  These are yummy and similar to "turtles".

Here is a glance at some of my recent scrapping for inspiration . . .

Above is a pre-made QP I just slipped a photo under and added some journaling.  Below is a template by Wendy Tunison Designs whom I follow on Facebook and got all her preChristmas freebies from there . . .

The above page was inspired by the simple white stamp-style frame cluster I wanted to use, so I built the page around that.  Below, my page features a challenge mask by Happy Scrap Arts who hosts a mask challenge each month at both Ivy Scraps and Digi Scrap Station.  I adore using different types of masks, and they are fun to collect just like templates!

The supplies above are from a sampler by Atrias Creations called "From the Sea" (Ivy Scraps), and the word art is freebie from Digital Scrapper back in June.
That's enough from me for the moment!  Take care, stay busy, and stay warm!  I'll be back with more goodies, so drop in again soon!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR my sweet peeps!!  As we welcome in 2014, I want to wish you the best in health, happiness and prosperity!  Yes, All The Best!

Seems Christmas came and went in a flash, as it usually does.  I had to work my job's normal days and hours, and I was just lucky that my two days off happened to be Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We had plenty of plans, but my family circle fell ill to the flu, one by one, starting two days before Christmas Eve; so plans had to be cancelled and remade.  My daughter went down first, then my hubby, and then my step-son.  I managed to escape illness as did my son-in-law and all my grandkids, thank goodness!  We managed a large get-together on Christmas afternoon, but most of the food I had prepared had to be saved until appetites returned.  It is the luck of the Irish we have!  In truth, we all work in and among large groups of people every day, so illness is bound to catch one of us now and then; so many viruses are airborn this time of year.  Oh well, lets hope that it's over!

The weather here at the beach has been nice and mild.  Sunny days, cooler nights, and a few scattered days of warm rain off and on.  Can't complain since it IS winter.

It seems like with working fulltime again coupled with the recent busy holiday months, I haven't had time to design or scrap as much as I like to.  I just hope I've taken plenty of pictures to scrap later on!

I had signed up early in December for some forum challenges, but time flew by and I actually had to push to get them completed.  I love doing them, but time has not been my own lately.

FREEBIE QP, CHRISTMAS DREAMS, comes to you from my participation in the December Quick Page Collection Game over at Digi Scrap Station.  The kit was provided to us by designer, Happy Scrap Arts, and each of us made one 8-inch QP from it, png format at 300 dpi.  You can collect all of the free QPs by visiting the forum there where all have posted their download link in the December Quick Page Collection Game forum thread.  Here is a look at the kit,


And here is a look at the Quick Page I designed with it,


8-inch size QP:  HERE or HERE

12-inch size QP:  HERE or HERE

Next up on our FREEBIE list is another Quick Page, this one from my participation in the monthly QP challenge (December's) over at Ivy Scraps.  We were fortunate to get to play with a huge Christmas kit called WINTER JOY, designed by Atrias Creations.  We each made one 12-inch QP in png format at 300 dpi.  You can collect all of them over the next 30 days in the December Quick Page Contest forum thread over at Ivy Scraps where the free download links are posted.  Here is a look at the kit . . .

And here is a look at my Free Quick Page,

Next, I'll show you a few layouts I've made for a shot of inspiration . . . the one below is a gorgeous template by Wendy Tunison of Scraps-N-Pieces and I scrapped it with photos of my oldest grandson making a huge craft project which you can see transform into a beautiful Christmas wreath of paper cones.  We had seen the project made from old book pages on You Tube, but we used red and green card stock for the cones, so his wreath turned out large and very firm by comparison.  He learned to use tape, a stapler, and a hot glue gun.  He did burn himself once with hot glue on his hand because he was attempting to watch a football game on TV at the same time.  He quickly learned that hot glue requires full attention!  I was very proud of him because he likes to get to finish everything he starts, and he shopped later for his decorations for the center of this wreath.  He decided on silk poinsettias to adorn its center.  He proudly hung his wreath inside his house on a large wall where his Christmas tree was to stand also.  It looked very pretty!
Next, I worked up the December Template Challenge at Digi Scrap Station hosted by Jodii Watson of Throwing Some Scraps Around.  I filled this template around the photo of my only granddaughter getting her ears pierced as a Christmas gift from her daddy because she had done so well in her academics, sports, home and civic obligations all year.

And now comes just a whimsical layout made to showcase a challenge mask made by Happy Scrap Arts of Digi Scrap Station.  I love masks probably as much as I love templates; I'm addicted to both!  Some of the forum challenges are starting to offer monthly mask challenges, so I'm all over those! 

And I'll end and wind up this post by showing you another whimsical layout done for the December Quote Challenge over at DSS.  You'll be able to tell that the well-known Elf-On-The-Shelf came to live with us during the holidays, so I put all his antics onto one page for better memory keeping in years to come.  Below that layout, I'll showcase each individual photo so you can see it better.  This is my kind of crazy humor, and this rascal is all over the net!  So it's not just me!

 And here are the close-ups for a better look at his antics!

Just a little wine, they'll never miss it, right?

I could play hide and seek all night!

Do ya ever just get caught up in what you're doing?

Have you been REALLY GOOD this year?

I just love hanging out in the kitchen!

I'll take the breakfast with the most sugar on it, please!

I'm just no good until I've had my COFFEE!!!

I'm making this spot my home for the holidays!

I foresee a lot of mischief in my future!

I've been in the house less than 30 minutes, and she's already got me crafting!

But, hey, look what I knitted myself to wrap up in!

Well now, the Mister has gotten into what I can do and we are texting me to the Mrs. at work!

Oh, the Mister is more aggressive; I'm swimmin' with his fishes!

I'm the card guardian!

Thanks for all the holiday greetings, letters, and photos!

I'm feeling overwhelmed with all this wrapping to be done!

Shhh!  I'm laying down on the job!

We're making cookies, or this may be my magic carpet ride!

Sharing secrets with my new best friend!

Lets giddy up, Dancer!  Rudolph is way out of sight!!

Tried hanging out with this guy, but he won't say much!

Taking time out for attending church . . .

And this is my new ride for the rest of next year!!
Stop by again soon.  More freebies to come.  Calendar templates are on my designing agenda!