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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Surprised to see me back so soon?!  Me too!  LOL!  I have been workin' my digi-buns off - Today I have another Quick Page FREEBIE for you, this one comes through my participation in the October Quick Page Contest over at Ivy Scraps in the forum.  If you like to make QPs, jump in and participate in these kinds of challenges or contests.  The more the merrier!  The kit for this month's contest was free for all particpants that signed up to make a QP.  Then, as the month comes to an end, anybody can visit the forum or the gallery for the contest and collect all the QPs by way of direct download links that we provide there.  It's always fun and a cool way to collect a complete album to work with later. 

This month's kit was provided to us by LightningBug Creations and is called "SMELL MY FEET".  It's a mega kit and is an adorable Halloween kit!  Here's a preview of the elements and papers . . .

and here is a look at the 12 x 12-inch Quick Page I made using it . . .

I really went kooky and packed a lot of things onto this page, but all the elements were so cute I just got carried away and couldn't stop!  It happens sometimes!  LOL!  Hope you like this and can use it for scrapping up your little goblins this year!  I'm giving you three choices of where to download.


from Box, HERE

from OpenDrive, HERE

from 4Shared, HERE

For inspiration today, I'm going to share with you the last three layouts I've made in my 40Days of Purposeful Scrapping project over at Divine.  Don't forget to check out that particular gallery over there if you really want to send yourself soaring!

Day 15_Prompt:  "Legacy:  Touch Tomorrow, Today"

Day 16_Prompt:  "Authentic Living"

Day 17_Prompt:  "Through My Eyes"

Again, if you're interested in reading the journaling we've done on these, it's expanded in the gallery descriptions at Divine so folks can read it.  We've all tried to keep up with that because we are truly sharing our stories with each other.  It's been deep, emotional, good, fun, inspirational - just all sorts of things!  A really excellent and hugely worthwhile ongoing project! 

That's it for now, peeps!  Have a great week, and check back often; you never know what I'm going to be throwing at you next! 


Sunday, October 14, 2012


You can tell from the post title I was in a rather whimsical mood when I created my latest Halloween digi-art!  I had a great time playing with various texturing, colors, fonts, and png forms.  I'm giving you a pack of 8 round stickers of various colors that are approximately 2.25 inches in diameter.  They are pngs at 300 dpi, so you can size them larger or smaller easily without loss of print quality.  I'm so happy with myself since I carved the jack-o-lantern's face myself!  LOL!  Hope you like and can use these to scrap up your little ghouls and goblins this year, or perhaps you can pop one on a Halloween card your thinking about printing for somebody!  Here's the FREEBIE preview . . .

DOWNLOADS:  Open Drive, HERE - Box, HERE - 4Shared, HERE

More inspiration from my "40 Day" project at Divine . . .

Day 11 Prompt:  "Significant Other"

Day 12 Prompt:  "Hope Of Our Legacy"

Day 13 Prompt:  "Family Ties"

Day 14 Prompt:  "Forever Friends"

I'll show you some more layouts next post!

I'm happy today for I sold a beautiful hand crocheted purple bucket-style lady's hat from my Etsy store, and it just makes me happy when somebody loves my handwork enough to purchase it.  I do so love to keep my hands busy with making pretty things.  Don't forget that you, my scrapping buddies, have a monthly discount coupon in your download files from me to use in my Etsy shop if you see anything you want or need.

Have a wonderful Sunday and week to come!  Talk soon!


Saturday, October 13, 2012


Happy October!  Seems I've been MIA a few weeks.  Been busy lately.  DH had 10 days off and used it to get some dental surgery done.  UGH!  I can think of a trillion better ways to spend vacation time, but sometimes the necessary evils must be taken into harness!  Alas, it's behind him now and I am busy figuring out an endless string of "very soft" dinner menus for who knows how long.

Today's FREEBIE is a Quick Page I made from the kit, "AUTUMN SPLENDOR", by Panda Bear Designs and is a result of my monthly participation in the Quick Page Game over at Digi Scrap Station in the forum.  It's a really colorful Fall kit, and it was a pleasure to work up this page.  If you would like to collect all the participant's pages, simply visit the forum under the Quick Page Game thread; all the direct download links will be there for you.  Here is the kit preview . . .

and here is my Quick page preview . . .

I'm providing this QP in both the 8-inch and the 12-in sizes, so you can take your pick!



For today's inspiration, I'll show you a few more layouts I've completed in Royanna Fritchmann's 40 Days of Purposeful Scrapping project over at Divine Digital.  We are rolling right along in this guided endeavor, and the gallery over there for the 40 Day project is simply gorgeous and very moving.  We scrap around Royanna's daily prompt and inspirational message, so a lot of thought goes into what we create.  I'm picking up here with my Day 7 . . .

Day 7 Prompt:  "I Love Me, Myself & I"

Day 8 Prompt:  "Solitude"

Day 9 Prompt:  "Where My Heart Is"

Day 10 Prompt:  "Sacred Space"

Most of us are trying to expand our journaling in the Divine gallery description so that our stories are readable for others.  We are all into sharing quite a bit of ourselves with one another on this amazing scrapping journey.  I'll show you a few more each time I post as I get more done.

Tune in again tomorrow as I will have another FREEBIE for your stash of digi-goodies!  Leave me some love if you like my gifts to you.  It means a lot in the process.

Chat soon!