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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Happy middle of December, folks!  Christmas is rapidly approaching, and 2015 is slipping away from us! I know everyone is very busy getting their homes ready and things planned out for the holidays. Try not to go under with stress, keep things from getting crazy. One of the benefits of getting older is that it doesn't have to be crazy anymore (at least for me).

Sadly, things are changing over at the Ivy Scraps site at the end of this month, so this may be my last monthly Quick Page from the forum challenges there. The store will be closing, and the name will be changing; but the group of designers are going to try to stick together and keep a forum of sorts going. Will get updates on that toward the end of this month. Life changes constantly, and people have to reorganize their priorities from time to time; we can all identify with that.

This month we got to play with a very pretty seasonal kit from Marniejo's House of Scraps called "Winter Special". I designed a 12 x 12" QP in png format at 300 dpi with it. I will show you the kit preview, then my QP for you to download if desired. I will also show you some of the other QPs that you can collect from this challenge by visited the December Quick Page Challenge forum thread where all the participants will be posting their direct download links for their free pages. This month will be different in that, if you want to collect some of these, you will need to do it BEFORE the end of this month as that's when the site changes will occur.


Below are a few of the other Quick Pages available to grab so far.  There will be more added as the month progresses, so you might want to check back there a few times before Dec. 31st.

That's a cute collection so far, right? There are more still to come. Of course, when you download them, you will be getting blank QPs without the personal photos and journaling that you see in some of these above.

That's all I have for you today, but it's quite a bit if you take time to go gather them  up!

Here is a preview of a digi-scrapped hybrid card I made to use to include with some of my packages this year. The kits used to make this are from the designers at Ginger Scraps.  I made the size so I could get two on a sheet of card stock for home printing, it folds in the middle and ends up being 4.25" x 5.5" when folded.  I designed the outside and then the inside; and, when I print, I will print the outside first, then flip the page over and run it back through the printer to print the inside.

I'll be back. I have a lot to accomplish this month, like everybody else, so not too sure of my timeline; but just visit here when you can! With the coming of the new year, I will tune you in to some of my other favorite digi-scrapping websites; and, of course, I will have more freebies for you as we go along!



Saturday, November 21, 2015


Happy mid November, Peeps! I'm sure by now you are in the midst of finalizing your Thanksgiving menu or deciding where you'll go out to eat! Whatever you do, have a blessed day filled with gratitude!

November is probably my busiest month personally, as it's filled with many birthdays of family and friends; leads in from Halloween festivities, hosts the Thanksgiving holiday, and holds many local area festivals and pre-Christmas madnesses. Hope you all are surviving it well.

I've popped in here today to share with you my latest FREE Quick Page, courtesy of my participation in the monthly challenges over at Ivy Scraps. We got to play with an artsy mini kit called "Keep In Touch" by Happy Scrap Arts. My page is 12x12" png format at 300 dpi. You can easily resize in down to 8x8" if you like that better for home printing. Remember, if you want to collect a ready-made QP album, you can visit the November QP challenge thread in the forum at Ivy Scraps where all the contestants post a free direct download link to their creations. You may need to register there so you can see all the information and links.

Here is the kit preview, then my layout, then the blank QP, and download links are below that.


I've been crocheting like a mad lady also, working on a gift needed this month for a special person. I'll post a photo of that when I get it all done. My printer had been on the fritz for a long time, and I finally got that problem solved yesterday by myself.  My techi hubby sat to the side on this one and made me figure it out by myself.  He forces me to learn this techi stuff at my age, which could be considered cruelty! I don't know whether to slap him or thank him!

I was fortunate enough to grab PSE 14 on sale at Costco for only $39.95 this month.  Our local store had plenty of them while I saw they are out of stock online. There are a couple of new features in this version which make it worth the upgrade this year.  It's my Christmas gift to myself!

I'm working on designing some greeting cards, so I hope to pop back in soon with more freebies.  Do drop back in yourself, and leave some love when you take.


Friday, October 16, 2015


Good Day! I'm feeling a little blue because my youngest daughter is moving out of state tomorrow for a new job in broadcasting; she will be a news anchor-lady. I'm happy for her and, in fact, encouraged her to take this job. You know us moms; we give our children "roots and wings", but it's very emotional for us to be both happy and sad at the same time. We have been lucky to live very close to each other for over 20 years of her adult life. We all tend to move when the notion strikes us. I've done it, now it's her turn. She has been only 4 miles away, now she will be 6+ hours away. Sniff. I'll be cheering her on as she leaves, but my tears will flow the moment she is out of sight. Gulp. I've stated to her that "nothing is constant except change", so now I will have to live those words once again.

All right then - Today I have a FREE QUICK PAGE for you all coming from my monthly participation in the challenges over at Ivy Scraps. We got to play with a kit called "In My Garden" by Jemima's Digital Boutique there. My page is a 12 x 12-inch png at 300 dpi, for use in most scrapping programs.  It can easily be sized down to an 8 x 8-inch if you prefer. Visit the October QP Challenge forum thread at the site to collect more QP's as this month progresses until the last day of next month to collect more if you would like to have an album from this kit. There are some clever scrappers and designers involved, and I'm always astounded how different our pages are using the same supplies. Here is the kit preview,

Here is a layout with the Quick Page I designed,

And here is my blank Quick Page for you with download links below it,


Hope you like it and can use it somewhere in your scrapping! They are always fun to make, and we just got the kit last night, so there are not too many posted yet. We always have more than a dozen participants, so keep checking the site as the month goes along!

I've been able to scrap a bunch of layouts lately, so I'll get those posted soon on my layouts page; and I'm still working on my winery album from last Fall. I've also made a bunch of Facebook Timeline covers for myself! DH was off for almost two weeks on a stayca, so it's a wonder I got that much done! LOL!

Check back, I'll return soon; meantime, take care!


Monday, October 12, 2015


Good Day! I hope you are enjoying the cooler days of Autumn. It's a welcome change to feel slightly cooler breezes here at my southern beach! We just suffered the heaviest 3-day rainfall I've seen in my 20+ years of living here, over 2 feet of flooding waters right in my area.  Luckily, I live on what is termed "high ground" at 99 ft. above sea level, so other than overflowing ponds in my neighborhood and some standing water after the ground was saturated, we came through it fine. No flood waters in my house, but I did find my living room picture window leaking from the top with that much rain. I kept beach towels rolled up tight in the windowsill and kept changing them as they saturated. Hubby has already repaired the flashing with the return of the sun. So lucky to be married to a maintenance man! My heart goes out to all who suffered devastation across our state. Mind you, this was not from Hurricane Joaquin which was way out in the Atlantic at the time; but it was from the fact that a different eastbound storm was trapped over top of us for 3 days because Joaquin was sitting out there blocking its path of movement. We have a tremendous amount of river flooding which, in turn, has caused roads to wash out in some areas. It will take time to come back from this severe damage.

Of course, me, I'm scrapping about it with lots of photos.

When I looked up from the storm, I realized almost half of October has flown by already! I have a free printable Autumn card for you from my participation in monthly challenges. It will print 8.5 x 11", fold in the middle, blank inside. It's a jpg format at 300 dpi. You can size it down easily if you prefer a smaller card. This one has the month and current year on the front. That was part of the rules in this particular challenge. However, if you would prefer this without the year on it so it could be used in the future, just leave me comments.  If there is enough interest, I will go back to my psd file and make some changes, re-upload a new zip file to my file sharing sites, come back and make a new post with the new card.  For now, here is the current preview . . .


Aren't the apples just gorgeous!  Harvest is such a great time of year! I do believe Fall is becoming one of my favorite seasons.

That's all I have for you today. I am working on designing some new things, both for here and for my Etsy shop.  Stop back in soon to see what's new!

Have a great week! Happy Columbus Day!


Friday, September 18, 2015


I just love a great challenge! This month the talented designers over at Ivy Scraps came up with a good one! We were challenged to create our own piece of word art within the guidelines given to us, and those were the tricky part. I dug my feet in, scoured through my digital stash, and came up with one. I'm not a pro at this type of thing, by any means; and I tend to pick apart my own designs after I've made them. I guess that's part of most people's creative process. I need more time to practice being truly creative, and that kind of free undisturbed time is a premium thing in my house. Some of our guidelines were to use a paint splatter, an open shape, a shape inside the open shape, some flowers, buttons, etc., and a script font with a stroke added to it. Now keeping all that in mind, if we used all CU items or shapes (commercial use) or designs of our own, we would be able to share the finished piece. I wanted to hit all of that, so below is my end result. It's a png at 300 dpi, so it should be useful in most scrapping programs. The background is transparent, and I have given it some light shadowing to make it show up a little better. For the sake of previewing here, I am showing you a jpg with white background so you can see it better. It is a rather large piece, but you will be able to size it smaller to suit your needs in your scrapping program. Hope you can  use it!


Now, keep in mind, if you collect this type of thing for your scrapping stash, you can visit the September Changing Ivy forum thread over at Ivy Scraps where some (not all) of the participants in the challenge will be posting a free direct download link for their designs. Some chose to use PU items (private use) in their designs, so they cannot share them. But, there is a lot of creativity going on over there this month! It was fun!

Here is a look a a few that are being shared that are posted already. Downloads should be available through the month of October if you are interested.

Cool, right?! I'm sure there will be more posted as this month moves along. I've just shown you a few that are there being shared already. You can hop over there and snag what you like!

I'll be back soon with more to share.  Thanks for stopping by! Leave me some love if you like what I'm giving you, and stop by often!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Good Day, Peeps! We are mid month already! Funny how time goes so much faster after we get a little age on us.

I'm diving right into the FREEBIE I have for you and will keep this short and sweet! This is a Fall themed Quick Page designed with the September Challenge Kit and Facebook Gift by Jan Waite of Waite For The Moment Designs over at Ivy Scraps. It is a 12 x 12-inch, png format at 300 dpi, ready for you to slip your photo behind and add some journaling on top if desired. If you prefer scrapping with 8 x 8-inch pages, you can easily reduce this QP to that size in your program. Below are previews of the parts of Jan's kit I used, the layout I made, and my blank QP. The download links are below all that.


Remember, if you would like more free coordinating Quick Pages for this one, you can visit the forum over at Ivy Scraps, go to the September Quick Page Challenge thread and scroll through all the posts for 30 days after September ends.  There you will find that each contest participant has posted a direct download link for the QP they designed.

I'm going to try to show you what is there so far so I can master copying a url into this blog.

by Francis Buiza

by KJD Designs

by Hummerdawn

by Nelleke

by KatLen

Nice, right? And to think we just got the kit yesterday! By the end of this month, there will be plenty more. So don't miss out, go snag them! They all come blank without our personal photos, but you knew that already! Well, I found that using a url to show you things works very easily (at least until the image is moved someday!). Don't know why I haven't done that before. Just goes to show you that you can think up new tricks every day!

That's it for today!  I'll be back soon as I've made some paper I want to share with you, so drop in often!  Have a great day!


Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Welcome to September! Lots of folks are looking forward to the cooler weather of Fall, and in my area it's a welcome season for tourists playing more golf.

I added another album of finished pages under my "layouts" tab, so be sure to have a look at that if you need some scrapping inspiration. It follows a "beach theme" since that's what the activities were about. I had beautiful subjects to work with!

My FREEBIE today is a printable card in 8.5 x 11" size, fold in the middle. Inside is blank for your own message. If your home printer has the options, you can print "full page" and "borderless" so you have no white border around it when finished. Of course, if you prefer a smaller card, just size it down before you print. It's a jpg image at 300 dpi. It comes to you by way of my participation in the monthly challenges over at Ivy Scraps where this month's theme was based on a quote. Hope you like it and will be able to use it. Here is the preview with download links below it.

The quote says, "A friend is what the heart needs all the time." It's by Henry Van Dyke.


That's all I have for you at this moment. Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back with more goodies during this month, so drop in often and leave me some love!