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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Good Day, Everyone! March has again proven to be a busy month on my home-front! I honestly don't know where the time goes, but it passes quickly. The gkids are on Spring Break this coming week, their parents are both in real estate school from 9-5 daily, so my front door is already swinging both ways. Yesterday, I gathered them in from their sporting events, we made caramel apple cupcakes, they played inside and outside, then we made my homemade spaghetti and garlic/cheese toast for dinner Pawpa treated them to chocolate chip cookies before bed. Yes, they stayed over with me, as my nick-nick name is "Mimi Fun Pants"!

Today I have a FREE QUICK PAGE for you from my monthly participation in the QP Challenge at Ivy Scraps. This month we played with a kit named "Farm Mania" courtesy of Mizfit Mania there. My page was inspired from the recent photo of my hubby's grand-nephews, so I designed around that. My page is in png format, 12 x 12" square, 300 dpi. You can simply slip your photo beneath the opening, add a little journaling text on top of the page, and your DONE! You can also resize my QP to an 8 x 8" if that's the size you like to scrap. That size allows printing at home if you desire. Remember you can collect all the FREE Quick Pages made with this kit by all the March contestants by visiting that forum thread at Ivy Scraps. Each contestant has posted their direct download link in the QP challenge forum thread for March. You may have to be registered in the forum to be able to see those links. Here is a preview of the Farm Mania Kit,

Here is my finished page with the photo of three little brothers,

Here is the blank Quick Page for you with download links below it,


I hope you enjoy the free digi-scraps I can bring you. Please leave some love if you download, so I know you were here. Return often! I have three more sets of alphas to give you soon.

Take care and  have a wonderful week! I'll be back as soon as I can squash in some "me time"!


Monday, March 2, 2015


Good Day to those stopping by! FREEBIE ALERT - I'm on a nice designing roll since it's been raining here for several days, and it's just too gooey to go out there in it. Last night I was sorting out a kit I had collected last month through a site's daily download, and I discovered I had missed only one day of the downloads! Wouldn't you know it was the alphabet to the kit that I failed to collect! Darn it! So I looked at the designers preview and decided to do my best to make at least something that would blend that I could use with the cute kit. At any rate, that was the base inspiration for the eight sets of this alpha that I made. That and the fact that this is St. Patrick's Day month and, being of Irish descent, I had to make something to celebrate that!

Today I am giving you this alpha in the three "Irish" colors; green, yellow, and orange. It is upper case A - Z, individual png files at 300 dpi. They are approximately 1.25 inches in diameter. I call them sticker alphas because each letter has a round paper sticker under it. I have left it unshadowed so you can add your own type of shadow style to it. You can easily resize these larger or smaller as you need for your pages. Here is the preview, and the download is below it.


I am providing two different download links in case one of my sites runs out of bandwidth during any given month you can just use the other link.

I  have added layouts for the last two most recent months to my layouts page tab at the top of this home page, so take some time and have a look. It may help you get a tad of inspiration here and there.

My little 9 yr. old granddaughter was in another gymnastics competition this weekend. Wow! She is in good shape to be able to keep up with all that physical activity almost every weekend plus her daily practice at the gym. Fit as a fiddle, that one! So focused also! Out of 96 gals she came in at 2nd in the vault, 5th in floor dance, 9th on the beam, 11th on the bars, and 7th all around. Her scores were up from 9.250 to 9.450, so she did well. There was a score of 9.650 and 9.825, so a couple of girls absolutely "nailed it" well as sometimes happens. I have found in these sorts of competitions that it is brutal because you only have once chance to do it right. Sometimes you are at the top of your game, but sometimes not. I marvel at this type of sport! It's awesome to watch!!

I'm knitting and crocheting like a fiend this winter, so I hope to add some photos and patterns to that page tab above for those of you that like to dabble with sticks and yarns! Such fun!

I need to perform a little maintenance work on the look of this blog. I don't feel like I am very capable when it comes to that, but I see some things have disappeared from linkage in the side column. Must put that on my "to do" list!

Check back often. I will most likely post often this month to give you the other 5 or so colors I did in this alpha above. They are very springy looking and will blend with almost any fun looking kit.

Have a wonderful week! I'm looking forward to the first day of Spring and the return soon of Daylight Savings Time!!


Sunday, March 1, 2015


Lets have a big "welcome" to the arrival of March! With it comes the return of Daylight Savings Time, of which I am a huge fan because I prefer more daylight in the evening hours because I am personally solar powered, and the official coming of Spring happens this month! What could be more delightful after all the snowy weather that has been hitting so hard in many portions of our country this winter?!!

I have another free goodie for you today from my participation in the monthly challenges over at Ivy Scraps in their forum.  I found enough time to do the Element Challenge where we receive a few random items and use them to make something new.  In addition to the items we are given, we are allowed to use only two other things, so I used a shape from within my designing software program and a background paper from my stash.  Below is a preview of the element I ended up making, and the download link is below that.  My element is in png format at 300 dpi and is easily resized larger or smaller and also useful in most scrapping programs. Snag it up for your own stash, and I hope you will enjoy it.


I'll be back soon with more fun freebies for you, so check back often! Meanwhile, Happy Scrapping!


Saturday, February 28, 2015


CHEERS, everyone!  Allow me to start your day with a FREE goodie! I love designing cards and wish I would focus on it more than I do! I make quite a few for my own personal use throughout the year because I have so many digi-scraps to play with, but for your sake I need to focus on making some just for you to have on hand. It certainly ends up saving quite a bit of money when you can just pull one of these babies up on your computer and print it off when you need it. I will make an effort to supply you with more of these this year!

I was inspired to create this printable card for the February Card Challenge over in the forum at Ivy Scraps.  Such a wonderful group of scrappers hang out there, and everyone is so very helpful and pleasant to know.  If you don't hang out there, you are missing quite a lot of fun every month.

We were given some poems and quotes to play with and, of course, February being Valentine's month, there was an underlying theme of LOVE.  My card is in jpg format at 300 dpi for excellent print quality.  It is meant to be the 7 x 5" front of a foldable card.  I hope you can use and enjoy it sometime!  Here is a peek,


I hope you have enjoyed my spurt of freebies!  Leave me some love if you download, it's nice to know you were here, what you think, and that you like getting free things to use.  Knowing that you came by is the thing that spurs us on to create more.

Check back often!  You just never know what's coming at you next!


Friday, February 27, 2015


GOOD MORNING!  With coffee in hand, I'm getting your day off to a good start! My coffee comes from a K-cup made by The Donut Shop, medium roast; is then brewed through a Bunn single cup brewer, then has two tsp of Coffee-Mate added and a slurp of Nestles' liquid creamer in the Creme Brulee flavor! Oh wow, it's a good concoction!! And quick too!! Over the years I've even managed to convert my own brother to a K-cup brewer for convenience, and he was a die-hard bean roaster and grinder gourmet!

Today I have an interesting freebie for you. It's a Quick Page with a February 2016 calendar grid on it, so you fill it up and use it for next year for yourself or as a gift. It is made from the same kit my February QP was made from, "Clowning Around" by Lizard Dau Designs over at Ivy Scraps. This was made for the Feb. 2015 Calendar Challenge. So here is a look at the finished layout I made,

My QPs are in png format at 300 dpi for excellent print quality and are 12x12" square. They can easily be resized to 8x8" if you prefer.  Below is a look at the QP ready for you,


Be sure to stop back by tomorrow to snag a free printable 5 x 7" card!


Thursday, February 26, 2015


February has been a busy month for me, and it's almost over!  Yeah!  I don't care much for the winter months of January and February, even here at the beach!  They are two months I could just delete from my calendar and never miss them at all.  The best parts of them are several family and friend's birthday celebrations.  I did do a weekend of traveling with my daughter and her family to see my only granddaughter perform in a state-wide gymnastic competition, and that's always fun!

On the 18th of this month, my dog, Duffy, who will be 3 yrs. old on St. Patrick's Day, had his first seizure of some type which scared the life out of me and my hubby.  We suspect epilepsy, though this is the first sign of it.  Though my husband is very emotional, he is able to cope better in crisis mode than I do, and he handled the dog's symptoms while I called and found a vet who was still open at the 6 p.m. hour of the day. My hubby is very used to doing "mouth-to-muzzle" resuscitation to get a dog's breathing started again, so he performed that immediately when he saw the distress.  Duffy came out of the seizure quickly and returned to his normal self much faster than we did. The vet gave him an quick physical exam, some blood work; and we are scheduled for a recheck on the blood in early March just to make some comparisons in a few of the values.  Everything seems pretty normal. I know that seizures are a neurological disorder, and there is very little warning of them occurring, so we are going to watch him and eventually decide if he needs medical treatment based on how often they occur.  Such an event changes the way you live.  I don't feel comfortable leaving him unattended now.  I find myself scheduling my outings for errands, etc., when the other half is home to watch the dog.  You know how pets become such a large part of your family.  If anyone has experience with this type of thing, please feel free to leave me some comments or advice.

I have three FREEBIES lined up for you, and I will post one each day for the next three days, so be sure to check back.  I'm doing them now and will put them on "auto post" so there will be no messing up or not getting it done!

For today, I have my monthly FREE QUICK PAGE from my participation in the QP Challenge in the forum over at Ivy Scraps.  This month's kit we worked from was "Clowning Around" by Lizard Dau Designs.  Here are the kit previews,

Here is the layout I made with this kit,

and here is a look at the more blank QP without photo and journaling,


My pages, as always, are in png format so you can just slip you photo beneath the opening behind the page and write your journaling on top. They are 12x12" square at 300 dpi for excellent print quality. You can, of course, easily resize them smaller to an 8x8" square in your own software program if you like. If you would like to collect all the other free QPs made with this kit, just visit the February 2015 Quick Page Challenge forum thread over at Ivy Scraps. Each participant will have a post in that thread with a direct download link for their page. You may have to be registered in the forum to be able to see the whole thread. This will certainly be a pretty album, and I'm excited to collect them all.

I've been knitting like crazy on some new cowl patterns since our weather is cooler here. I'm very spastic with my hobbies, moving from one thing to another during different seasons. I make a lot of jewelry when the weather is unbearably hot, then I gradually shift into textiles during cooler weather. I'll show you what I'm making on my "knitting/crochet page" tab above after I resize my photos for the web. I'll try to put a link to get the free patterns when I post the photos. Need to add some layout photos on that tab too! I do my digi-scrapping in all seasons!

You all stay warm, and don't forget to pop back by tomorrow and the next day for another QP and a printable card freebie!


Thursday, January 22, 2015


Happy 2015!  My apology for being "missing in action" for about six months!  Geez!  Even I would think I could do better than that, but my only explanation is that "life happens" and sometimes you get completely off track!  It's reality!

To fill you in quickly in a very condensed manner:  I finally built and got my new desktop in late August which was a "have to" situation.  It's a humdinger with all new stuff, several large internal hard drives, new Windows, new keyboard, and a new much larger monitor to boot!  I am still working to learn its operations and working kinks out of it.  I completely put my digi-scrapping aside to focus on learning this new equipment.  In the meantime, a friend at work rekindled my desire to make jewelry; so we've joined forces and have made a ton of pretties to sell at local fairs and festivals together!  I retired completely from work on Halloween, then came the holidays, and now here I am, finally!  I'm finally at home every day, all day as I have dreamed of for a million years.  I'm a total crafter by heart, so I stay busy with all sorts of hobbies and so many things that need me to finish what I started (no matter when that was).  My three grandchildren are also getting a lot more of my attention than ever possible before!  We've had sleep-overs and tons of fun!  My daughter graduated in November from The American School of Broadcasting and has begun the pursuit of her life-long dream to have a career in broadcasting.  She currently hosts DJ Bingo and Trivia in local restaurants in her evening hours and is doing an internet radio show weekdays from 7-11 a.m. at Smooth Jazz and Friends (dot com).  She continues to do voice-over work from home, so I help her out with her children when she needs me.  It's been busy!!  I've always heard people say you have to adjust to being retired, but so far, it's been about the same pace as working, just busy in a different way!

I missed giving you a few Quick Pages that I had done, but I will eventually catch that up at some point and attempt to get my digital work back on track.  I did manage to make a Thanksgiving album and get it printed for a Christmas gift!  Woohoo!!

Today, I have a FREE QUICK PAGE for you!  I have participated in the January QP challenge over at Ivy Scraps to get my feet wet again.  We played with a kit called "SHELLBY" by Gloria Val Verde and made a 12 x 12", 300 dpi QP in png format.  If you visit the the January 2015 Quick Page thread of the forum there, you can pick up about 12 or so free Quick Pages, and you'll have enough to make an album by the end of this month.  The download links should be posted in each participants post and should be active at least until the end of February so you can collect them.  You may have to be registered in the forum to see the links.  Here are the previews of the kit and the QP I made for you with download links below,


I've revisited a bunch of my favorite digital scrapbooking websites trying to catch up on what is trending these days.  I've also found some of my old favorite sites have closed down, and some have merely changed their format.  

I found a wonderful Art Journaling challenge going on monthly over at The Studio, and I'm particularly interested in that because it is way outside of my own comfort zone.  I think this year I will push myself to do those and maybe eventually I will become more comfortable.  The pages over there that have been made for that challenge are simply out-of-this-world beautiful and very inspiring to me.  It always amazes me how people can create so many different images using the same basic supplies.  Everyone's mind works so differently, and it's always a thrill to see all the creativity involved with the finished pages!  I tried to make a tribute page about my daughter's journey in life from achieving becoming a certified dog groomer to finishing her degree in broadcasting.  We were provided some supplies to work with, and here is the layout I designed with them.

Maybe with some monthly practice I will get better and more comfortable with this style!  I had fun making this although I didn't feel as though I  had a plan.  It just sort of happened as I went.  Maybe that's the whole concept, I'm not sure!  

Well, if you've stopped and visited with me after all this time, I must thank you profusely!!  Please leave a comment so I'll know you were by.  I hope to bring you lots more free goodies as I jump back into my digital fun!

I'm in the process of putting more of my jewelry in my online Etsy store, and the little gadget at the top of this page will take you there if you care to look at some of my hobby work.  I have a ton of earrings to put in there, some bracelets, and a few necklace sets so far.  I've taken some metal-smithing classes to learn a few new tricks of the jewelry trade.  It's winter now, even here at the beach, so I've also got my knitting needles in hand!  

Take care, the weekend is almost here!