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Friday, September 18, 2015


I just love a great challenge! This month the talented designers over at Ivy Scraps came up with a good one! We were challenged to create our own piece of word art within the guidelines given to us, and those were the tricky part. I dug my feet in, scoured through my digital stash, and came up with one. I'm not a pro at this type of thing, by any means; and I tend to pick apart my own designs after I've made them. I guess that's part of most people's creative process. I need more time to practice being truly creative, and that kind of free undisturbed time is a premium thing in my house. Some of our guidelines were to use a paint splatter, an open shape, a shape inside the open shape, some flowers, buttons, etc., and a script font with a stroke added to it. Now keeping all that in mind, if we used all CU items or shapes (commercial use) or designs of our own, we would be able to share the finished piece. I wanted to hit all of that, so below is my end result. It's a png at 300 dpi, so it should be useful in most scrapping programs. The background is transparent, and I have given it some light shadowing to make it show up a little better. For the sake of previewing here, I am showing you a jpg with white background so you can see it better. It is a rather large piece, but you will be able to size it smaller to suit your needs in your scrapping program. Hope you can  use it!


Now, keep in mind, if you collect this type of thing for your scrapping stash, you can visit the September Changing Ivy forum thread over at Ivy Scraps where some (not all) of the participants in the challenge will be posting a free direct download link for their designs. Some chose to use PU items (private use) in their designs, so they cannot share them. But, there is a lot of creativity going on over there this month! It was fun!

Here is a look a a few that are being shared that are posted already. Downloads should be available through the month of October if you are interested.

Cool, right?! I'm sure there will be more posted as this month moves along. I've just shown you a few that are there being shared already. You can hop over there and snag what you like!

I'll be back soon with more to share.  Thanks for stopping by! Leave me some love if you like what I'm giving you, and stop by often!


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