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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Yes! Another whole month has flown by, and it's that time again! I'm talking about the Quick Page Contest over at Cool Scraps Digital. For June we were privileged to have the opportunity to work with a beautiful vintage feeling kit, DEVOUT MEMORIES, by Karen Kleiman, aka KakleiDesigns.  Since I'm preparing to make a quick jaunt to the Outer Banks to visit a friend for a few days, I prepared my contest QP last night and wanted to get it posted here so all my peeps could snag it up quickly.  Be sure to head on over to the forum at CSD and browse through the QP Contest Gallery to see all the entries; but more important than gallery gazing is to be sure you visit the forum thread about the June QP contest as it contains all the direct download links to all the pages submitted.  You can gather up a really nice QP album if you spend some time there.  The entries so far are awesome!  I think all entries will be posted by June 25th for your pleasure.  If you have not visited their forum before, you will need to register before you'll be able to see the everything (registration is free, just a user name and password is all it takes!).  Here's a look at the kit previews:

And here is the Quick Page I designed using Devout Memories . . .

I'm offering my QP in two sizes, so you have a great choice!  You can pick up the 8 x 8" size by visiting the June QP Contest thread in the forum at CSD and just click on the direct download link in my post there.

Or, if you prefer having the 12 x 12" size you can click on the link below:


I hope you enjoy this goodie!

In other news, I just had my ?? birthday this week, and no, I'm not telling my age!  LOL!  Suffice it to say I have 3 grandchildren and we'll just leave it at that!  I've learned to celebrate the fact that I am here, was born, not count the years.  It keeps me happier that way!  LOL!  I was actually born on Father's Day the year I came into being.  Needless to say, I think my Mom gave her all providing my Dad with a live gift like that!  LOL!  Anyway, to celebrate, my DD surprised me with a yummy tropical smoothie she made for breakfast, and off we scurried to board one of our local casino boats for a day of off-shore gambling on the ocean!  Wasn't that special!!  While onboard, we took in a delicious buffet style breakfast on one of the upper indoor decks of the boat, took a lengthy sunbath on the uppermost outer deck using #30 and #80 sunblock on our fair hides, danced a little to a live band on yet another deck, and watched lots of folks having a blast feeding the one-arm bandits.  We took lots of pictures and thoroughly enjoyed our day on the water in total appreciation of where we are fortunate enough to live.  I'll post some pics of all this in an upcoming post if I got any good ones.  I haven't put them in my computer yet, and I'm not sure how they turned out given the rocking of the waves.  LOL!

I'll be back in a few days after my trip with more freebies and more pictures to share with you.  In the meantime, HAPPY SCRAPPING!


Monday, June 6, 2011


Here is is, Monday again! Seems that day of the week rolls around faster than the other six!  I've been busy lately stepping up the "Mimi" roll by attending my grandchildrens' end of school award ceremonies, graduations, and all their sports championship games.  Whew!  I'm pooped from being on the run so much, especially in the heat we've been having already.  Our temperatures have already soared to a few degrees past 100 F., and it's still what I would call early in our heat season here.  If it's any indicator of what's to come across the rest of this summer, we are in for it!  Thank goodness for the ocean and a community pool just steps from my front door!!  Anyway, all the events I've taken in recently have provided me with excellent photo opportunities, so I've built up a nice stash of pics to scrap in the coming months.  Check out my "layouts page" with the tabs at the top of this blog to browse through my latest scrapped pages.  I'm in the process of attempting to bring that page up-to-date.  Seems there is never enough time in the days to entirely complete the lists I have going.  LOL!

I worked a little on designing yesterday, and the result of that is a good size FREEBIE for you!  I made frames from a stash of my own textured papers that are dear to me, so I hope you like and can use these in your scrapping.  There are 17 frames in different colors.  These are png files at 300 dpi, easily resized larger or smaller to suit your needs.  I had to break the the set into three zip files since I'm using my free account at Box.net to bring you the downloads without waiting or hassle on your end.  So be sure to download all three links below!  Here's the preview . . .





I'm keeping this short and sweet for now as I have much else to do for others right now, not to mention that list I have going.  At the moment I'm dog sitting with three extra fur babies that belong to my DD while she's on a well-deserved fun excursion for a few days with her family.  This means there are a total of 5 canines in my house currently, that's 20 little legs running around!  I have to be careful I don't trip over them myself!  Seems all we get done is eating, drinking, and going outside for bladder relief!  In case you're curious, it's three full-blood Yorkies, one Yorkie-Maltese cross, and one terrior/hound mix.  Oh my, I should try to snap some pics of them so you can see the madness!  LOL!  My DD is a local all-breed canine groomer and also handles boarding which is quite popular in this area when vacationers bring their pets to the beach and not all hotels allow them in.  Her facility is handy to the beach, and she allows folks to check their pets in and out daily during their stay so they can romp on the beach together.  Most people seem to prefer having their pets near them while they vacation rather than leaving them boarded in their hometown.  At any rate, seems we always have plenty of fur babies around. 

If not out already, most schools will turn the children loose for the summer this week.  I hope you have plans for a wonderful summer ahead.  Have a great week! 

I'll be back soon with more goodies for you.  I want to get back on giving you some regular template freebies.  I love designing templates, and I have a nice stash ready to throw at you, so stay tuned in here!  PSE10 should make its debut very soon.  Keep an eye out at your local Costco for a great deal on it when it arrives on the shelves!  Can't wait to see what's new in it!  Just like a kid at Christmas!

Back soon!  TOOTLES!