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Thursday, November 22, 2012


HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY, ONE AND ALL!  I hope you have a blessed day with your loved ones making yet another wonderful memory.

I did my portion of cooking yesterday and deposited my goodies to my daughter's refrigerator for overnight.  We will be eating with her family and a few friends, and will begin the day there with breakfast of belgian waffles, bacon and coffee as we watch the Macy's Day parade which has been a long-standing tradition in our house, young or old.  One year I was the proud mom of a performer in that parade, a memory I shall always hold very dear.   As the day progresses, our main meal menu includes our oven roasted 20-lb. turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry chutney, glazed carrots, broccoli casserole, baked pineapple, mashed potatoes, pumpkin quick bread, cornbread muffins,  iced tea, Moscato wine, apple cake, and coconut cream pie.  That should more than take care of anybody's hunger and desires.  We'll eat early afternoon and watch football and the Westminister Dog Show the rest of the day.  I'm sure the men will swarm the leftovers like hawks all day, too.

I'm auto-posting this so you'll have a holiday goodie in case you find time to stop by during your time off.

I'm taking part in the November Quick Page Game over at Digi Scrap Station in the forum, and we got to work with a cute kit called "GOBBLE" by Kathy's Scraps.  I designed my QP in both the 8" and 12" sizes at 300 dpi, png format.  You can collect all the other contestants' 8" QPs just by stopping by the DSS forum thread about the Nov. QP Game.  All participants will have a direct download link in their forum posting for you.  If may need to register in the forum first if you are not already so you'll be able to see the topics.  Here are the previews of the kit we all worked from  . . .

and here is my Quick Page for you . . .

12-inch Size DOWNLOADS:

Open Drive, or Box, or 4Shared

8-inch Size DOWNLOADS:

Open Drive, or Box, or 4Shared

Your second FREEBIE today is my own word art, Thankful #3 & #4_Divided Word Art.  Again, these are png files, basic black, at 300 dpi, easily resized larger or smaller, easily recolored, or apply styles to them, clip papers to them, etc.  I think you can read the message in the middle on the previews below.   Hope you can use these . . .

DOWNLOADS:  Open Drive, or Box, or 4Shared

I hope to be back on Friday with #5 & #6 like the above, only humorous; then Saturday with #7 which is more spiritual.  That will complete my current run of holiday word art for now.  I have another QP, a template, and a printable card ready for you the first of December.  So, do drop by often, and please let me know you were here by leaving some love in the comment sections.

I have one chore to accomplish on Black Friday morning at 9 a.m., and then my weekend should be nothing but peace.  Maybe I can scrap up some photos!  Chat soon!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Oops!  I missed posting yesterday, so today you get two FREEBIES.  My DH is off on 4-days vacation, need I say more!  I was washing up breakfast dishes when he started talking about what he could make for lunch!  UGH!  Do all men think of their stomach this much??  I don't think it's hunger, I rather think it is boredom.

My DD stopped in for coffee chat.  She has a lot going on and sometimes just needs to vent.  I've always been like a sister to my girls and an excellent listener.  She is in her mid 30's with two children and has gone back to school for yet another career.  I don't think we solved anything today, but we did get it out on the ironing board.

Add to that I did laundry, finished a knitting project that has a deadline this week, wrapped some gifts and went to my granddaughter's birthday dinner at Outback; you can understand why I never got to sit in front of my computer yesterday.  But it was a good day!  We all have to remember to LIVE life so we have something to compute about.  Right?  LOL!!

This first FREEBIE is a quirkey sort of grungy font spelling out "THANKSGIVING" and then through the middle it reads "Gratitude for Blessings of Health, Family, Friends, and Freedoms".  It is a basic black png file at 300 dpi, easy to resize larger or smaller, easy to recolor, clip a paper to it, or apply a style to it.  Here's the preview . . .


The second FREEBIE is a set of "THANKFUL" divided word art.  One reads "that we are together" across the center, and the other reads "for another year".  Again, basic black png files at 300 dpi as described above.  Hope you can use these in your scrapping.  Here is the preview . . .


I hope to be back to post another set of word art tomorrow which is a little more on the humorous side of being thankful, and I will have a Quick Page for you on Thanksgiving Day, even if I have to post it during the Macy's Day Parade! 

Take care, have a great week, and get those turkeys injected!!  I read they need 24 hours on one side, then flip over and 24 hours on the other side!!  (In the fridge, of course!)


Sunday, November 18, 2012


"Where has she been?", you may ask yourself.  Long time since last post, I know.  Sorry for being MIA for almost a month!  Seems as soon as cooler breezes start flowing through this beach area, I become enamoured with my kitchen again.  I can't even begin to tell you how many recipes I've cooked up in the last four weeks; main entrees, soups, stews, & homemade bread from my bread machine (It makes the house smell like I know what I'm doing!).  I've even been sharing my food with some of my shut-in neighbors and now have requests to get my recipes down on paper to share.  Plus, November, for me, is chocked full to the brim with family birthdays!  It's just been a rat-race around here.  I'm off later today to my granddaughter's 7th birthday party which includes a trip with some of her friends to our local aquarium and then a pizza party after that.  She is only two months older than my preemie grandson but is a whole head taller than he, bless his little heart.  I get to take him along for the party, so you can bet my trusty camera will be in hand for lots of photo opportunities all day! 

How about this . . .

The idea is that you snag this button and see how much you can pass the kindness on! 

I'm going to get on my FREEBIE horse and try to bombard you over the next two months with lots of digi-goodies to play with!  I've got them, I just need to get them up on here!  I got side-tracked also with so much participation fun in International/National Scrapbook Day that I found myself downloading freebies, doing forum challenges out the ying-yang, and designing with all the goodies I'd collected.  Man, I was deep into it!  I don't even think I've looked at my housework the whole month of November!  I have some Quick Pages, printable cards, templates, word art, and papers to throw at you soon, so my goal is to be on here daily now.

Today, I'm sharing some of my own WORD ART hot off my PSE last night!  Since Thanksgiving is just next week, I whipped up 7 different holiday related word art pngs, so check in daily to collect them all.  I adore making the fancier, what I call "divided" word arts, so this first one is titled "THANKSGIVING_#1_DivWordArt".  It's a basic black png file at 300 dpi, so you can easily size it larger or smaller as you need and even recolor it to match your page layout.  Don't forget you can use things like this to make printable cards, etc.  Hope you like!  Here's the preview . . .

"Thanksgiving" is in the fancy lettering, and in the middle space it reads "time to reflect upon our blessings".


I like giving you options on where to download, so I'll do that until my accounts totally fill up.  Then I'll have to figure out something else.

That's it from me for now.  Gotta keep it short and sweet if I'm going to meet all my daily November activity deadlines.  My oldest grandson was chosen for our local city football All Stars team, an honor for him.  He is 10 yrs. old, and this was his first year playing in full dress with all the pads and protective gear.  It's been flag football until this year.  He did well; took his punishment and dished out plenty too!  Had to go watch his games.  It's finished up as of yesterday.  He and his sister both start basketball soon, and my other tike just finished swimming lessons indoors and signed up for 8 more.  I hope to get to the spa one evening to watch some of that.  Busy, busy, busy!!

Get your turkeys ready!!  Have you seen the late-night infommercials for the new Butterball Indoor Turkey Deep-Fryer??  I got up one morning and that was all over Facebook, everybody wanting one!  Southerners, in particular, love deep fried turkey!  We have the huge outdoor deep-fryer that has the open flame under it, and usually we have to fight the natural sea breeze to keep that thing lite.  If I only had more space in my house, that indoor one would appeal to me!!  Oh well.

Look for me tomorrow with another FREEBIE!