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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Morning Peeps!  It's Sunday, but I still have to work a 4-hour shift this afternoon, and it's pooring rain in my neck of the woods; a very glooming type day.  I'm wondering if we will have any customers willing to brave the wetness.  I'm always amazed by people's determination to "SHOP"!

To update my last post, I got sick days after my hubby came down with whatever viral thing he drug home from work.  So, it wasn't food poisoning that made him so sick.  Turned out to be some type of "super-bug" after all.  Whew, I haven't been that sick in years!  I laid about for at least 4 days doing nothing but trying to keep the fluids down.  Yuck!

I'm well now and back up on my feet running.  Hate losing time like that. 

Today I have a pre-Easter FREEBIE Quick Page for you.  I participated in the monthly QP challenge over in the forum at Ivy Scraps.  This month we got to play with with the cute kit, "Hip Hop Time" by Mizfit Mania which is available in the Ivy Scraps shop.  You can collect all the Quick Pages for free by visiting their forum under the March Quick Page Contest thread.  All the participants will get their free pages posted with direct download links there by the end of this month.  You can also visit the Quick Page Contest Gallery at Ivy Scraps to view what's available as the month progresses.  Here is a preview of the kit we all used . . .

and here's a more detailed look at all the papers included in this kit,

and here is a look at the QP I designed from this kit . . .

My Quick Page is a 12-inch size png file at 300 dpi, ready to slip your photos underneath.


Working full time again is definitely cutting into my designing and blogging time.  I'm so tired at night that I don't seem to get much else done other than consuming whatever for dinner on the late side and chatting with the hubby a little.  But alas, it's not forever.  I can vaguely see a light at the end of my work tunnel.  When I get to that light, I will have more time for the things I like to do.

Here's a bit of inspiration - I scrapped this page from a great template by Lindsay Jane which is free at Gotta Pixel under the March challenges in the forum.  I had gotton a new kitchen appliance to make delicious Belgian waffles, and was so excited using it the first time that I took some photos.  I had gotten my Dad one of these for Christmas, and he loves using it himself, so I finally got myself one off Amazon.  It works like a charm in only minutes.  It's a Flip Belgian Waffle Maker by Hamilton Beach, and I even ordered the malted waffle mix when I ordered the waffle maker.  Yumo!  Here's the page I made of my happy meal . . .

I used a kit from Gotta Pixel called "Citrus Crush" by Twin Mom Scraps for this page.  Here's a look at the free challenge template you can still pick up during the month of March by Lindsay Jane under the Tempting Templates thread in the forum under March Challenges . . .

Very cute, right?!  I love using templates, one of my favorite ways to digi-scrap! 

Okay, gotta jump off here and get ready for the old work shift for today!  Hope I get back here soon.  I plan to get my free April 2013 calendar template posted here in the next few days, plus I still need to load my Etsy store.  Still haven't had time to focus on that.  Rats!

You all take care and have a great week ahead!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Welcome March and Daylight Savings Time!  Things are warming up nicely here at the beach, and I absolutely LOVE having the extra hour of daylight on the evening side of my days!  I get more done!  It would be fine with me if we kept it year-round.  I have cute little birds already tending their eggs in a nest made years ago in my two hanging floral baskets on my front porch.  They have to be pretty domesticated to put up with us coming and going so closely every day!  Bless their hearts; they seem to love the home they have chosen.  The spring flowers are in bloom here, and the ornamental pear trees are popping their gorgeous white blooms.  Our pollen season began early in the middle of February, and it usually lasts for 4-6 weeks until everything has bloomed out full.  A good rain at the end of blooming season will wash all that stuff away proper.  I love this time of year!

I've just finished my participation in the March Quick Page Game over at Digi Scrap Station, and I'm early with it this month.  Yeah for me!  We got to use a cutsie kit, "Wild & Wacky", by Throwing Some Scraps Around.  Here is the kit preview . . .

I made my Quick Page in both the 8-inch and 12-inch sizes, so you can take your pick or take both.  We do the 8-inch size for the contest so our albums are uniform.  They are png files at 300 dpi, ready to load your photos underneath.  If you wish to collect the rest of the album, just visit the Quick Page Contest thread in the forum at DSS.  The direct download links will be in each contestant's post there and should be available through April.  If you have never visited that forum, you will need to register which is free, of course, to enable complete viewing of the forum threads.  You can also look at all the previews by checking out the Quick Page Game previews in the gallery.  Here is the preview of the page I designed . . .




These will be whimsical fun pages, so I hope you can use them in your digital scrapping!

Since we last chatted my DD was in a wreck, and I sensed it before she ever told me about it.  She is okay, not hurt; and it wasn't her fault.  She was broadsided by someone running a sign at an intersection.  Luckily, she drives a huge Avalanche and likes it because she totes her two children to and from school, all their sports and practices, etc.  She inherited this vehicle from her older sister who passed in 2009, and she has told me she feels connected to her sis when she is driving it.  The vehicle that hit her was not so small itself, a Yukon, so at least they were on equal turf size-wise.  The truck repair went rather quickly, a week and a half, so that's not too bad.  She's back on the road again.  The females in my family all have a 6th or 7th sense about things that are about to happen; we get the pretty accurate mental picture some time in advance.  It sounds weird, but it never fails; my mother, me, and my second daughter all have it.  We live in a very busy tourist town where traffic is always heavier on weekends, so we all feel fortunate that we've made it for so long without incidents like this. 

My DH came down sick this weekend, sick enough to head home early from work (which told me how seriously bad he was feeling).  We thought at first it may have been flu, but after watching him for 3 days, I am convinced he had a dose of food poisoning.  He was sicker than I've ever seen him be in our lifetime together; yet no fever to speak of.  The last thing he had ingested before fallng ill was a salad from a fast food place the evening before.  It was a zesty SW concoction with chili poured over it.  Aparently the chili pot may have been left at room temperature too long; nothing else in that salad could have been the culprit.  I don't think he will want any fast food for quite some time.  Be careful out there, peeps!!

I'm keeping my grandkids this evening so their parents can go out to the movies to see "OZ".  I can wait until it comes to Netflix.  Wow, love my Netflix!  Get to watch all the stuff I've missed without commercials!  Can hook into all the series I never bothered to watch, etc.

Will cut my chatter here and get busy on the chores for today.  Have a great week!  Check back soon to see what else is coming your way.