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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi ya'll! I'm back but getting ready to hit the road again, so I had to crank out my February challenge Quick Page for the contest over at Cool Scraps Digital so I could get it posted here and at their forum. This month's kit, "SWEETNESS", is designed by Graphics by Pokadot. I'm just crazy over it. There are lots of papers and elements and the colors are vivid. There is a slight strawberry theme running through this kit, so I decided to expand on that in my Quick Page.

My QP is a 12 x 12-inch, 300 dpi png file. You can certainly easily size it down to an 8 x 8" if that's the size you like to scrap in. I up sized a strawberry for a trio and added framed heart-shaped photo spots. The page went from that basic concept into what you see in the preview below. It's just the kind of mood I was in. Hope you like it and can use it! If you would like to collect a FREE QP ALBUM, head on over to check out the rest of the pages made by the challenge contestants at CSD. Check the QP Gallery as well as the forum thread about the February's QP Contest. There are usually 40+ entries you can collect for free by way of direct download links in either of those locations. I'm sure this is going to be a gorgeous album, so I'm going to be excited to see all of them myself. The contest ends the last day of this month (Feb.), so all the pages should be in the gallery by that date.

Here is my preview . . .

and here is a closer look at just the QP . . .


Again, I'm never sure where my bandwidth is during the month, so I'm providing two download sites to make sure this is available when you stop by!  The first is box, the second is 4Shared.

I hope you're enjoying my FREEBIES!  Leave some love if you download to keep me spurred on with them!  A little encouragement goes a long way, believe me! 

By the way, if my site music is annoying while you are here visiting, just scroll down to the bottom of the homepage (or any page, for that matter); and you can turn off the music player.  I like music of all kinds so I usually find it soothing, but I realize everybody is not like me.

I hope I can set up some auto-posts freebies while I'm traveling, so do check back often!  The last batch went pretty well, and you didn't have to miss me so much!  LOL!

Chat again soon!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Here's hoping you are having or will have a wonderfully romantic, warm and fuzzy Valentine's Day chocked full of cuddly memories!

To help that along, I'm adding some hearts to your stash today; and these hearts have tails (or flourishes)! I wanted to fancy up some hearts for my own use so I began to play and this is some of what happened during that design session. I'm just naming them "Heart Tails" and this is Set #1 of what I ended up with. There are six different ones in this pack. If you leave some love, I'll give you some more. These are png files at 300 dpi and can be resized larger or smaller easily. You can use them as frames, as clipping masks. You can recolor them or clip papers to them. You can also probably apply some styles to them, etc. See what you can come up with, and most of all, have fun with it! Here's the preview . . .


(Again, a choice of download sites.)

I'm away from my DH on Valentine's Day, and this is probably a first; but when one gets the chance to travel one should make the most of it.  I should return soon this week and will be excited to see what you think of the latest FREEBIES I've given. 

Have a wonderful day and a great week!


Monday, February 13, 2012


HAPPY MONDAY! I hope you'll have a good week. Did that old Mr. Groundhog see his shadow in your part of the world? My parents have gotten a bit of snow at their home up North. I still feel lucky to escape all that here in the shelter of the South!

Today I'm bringing you Quick Page #02 in my series of 2012 Xmas Trees. You'll note the tree design is the same, only the background paper has changed. It's plain so you can decorate it up your style, and it holds 15 round photos. Here's the preview . . .


Take your choice of download sites above, the first is box and the second is 4shared.  Leave some feedback on which site you prefer.  It's all about feedback, peeps; how else do we know which direction to head into with what we are doing.  Leave some love.

Next to come is a cute freebie called "Heart Tails", so tune in on Valentine's Day!


Saturday, February 11, 2012


Happy Saturday, Happy Weekend Everybody! Yeah! I'm traveling with a friend this weekend to see my Godson and his children, so I'll keep my next few posts on the short side but filled with FREEBIES I think you'll enjoy! I'm going to set the next couple of posts on an automatic schedule, so I hope that works like it's supposed to.

I promised some really groovy Word Art for Valentine's Day, so here is the first of more to come if you guys will leave me some feedback on whether or not you like this.

I've named this Word Art "Love Divided" because I've sliced through the entire word and then inserted a line of text. This one reads "My Love For You Is Unconditional". This is a nice size png file at 300 dpi and, of course you can resize it easily to larger or smaller as you desire. I've left it like a template so-to-speak, you can recolor it or clip papers to it like a clipping mask. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed getting creative with this idea. Here is the preview . . .


Again, I'm giving you two choices on download sites as I anticipate with so many freebies in one month I will run out of bandwidth at one of my sharing sites. 

Leave some love if you download so I know you like this, and if I see that you do, I'll be back with more word art in this type style.  I just loved the font I was working with.  It looks great on a scrapped page!

Hopefully, if this auto-schedule works correctly, there will be another Quick Page freebie here on the 13th and some cute "heart-tails" as your freebie on the 14th for Valentine's Day.  Do check back often!

Have fun, I'll be playing with babies and taking pictures!


Saturday, February 4, 2012


Top o' the morning to ya! During the mad holiday rush, I had some ideas brewing that I wanted to design but didn't have time to get around to it. So, in the calm of the tail end of our winter season, I am going to attempt to produce some things that were floating around in my head.

One was Christmas Tree Quick Pages with circular photo holders/cut-outs. The other night I was in the mood to jump on into that idea and the pages developed pretty rapidly. I had to stop myself at 33 of them! LOL! Hard drive room, you know! I will be randomly giving them all to you over the next few weeks, so pop in often if you want to collect all the different background papers on them. This FREEBIE QP holds 15 circular photos in the shape of a Christmas tree, complete with a brown wood-look trunk which is slightly shadowed. I left the page relatively clean so you can add your own elements of choice, text title, and/or journaling and have enough room for all that. Remember, you can also mix it up and place pretty papers in some of the photo spots too.

These Quick Pages are all 12 x 12-inch, 300 dpi, pngs. You can easily reduce them to 8x8" if that's your preference to scrap with. This one has a small block mosaic looking background which you may not be able to see until you pop it into your scrapping program or get the high-resolution one up on your screen. Here's the preview . . .


Again, providing an option on download sites, the first will always be Box (wonderful), and the second will be 4Shared.  I do this for several reasons.  Box has no hassles such as wait time or pop-ups or annoying ads.  However, on occasion I run out of bandwidth there in a month's time, so I back it up with 4Shared just so when you arrive here my freebie should always be available.

I did a Holiday Album with 32 layouts so far, and I  used a tree photo template to make a page about random shots from Christmases past which ended up being quite sentimental to me by the time I finsihed it up.  Mine had only about 10 photo slots on it though, and I found myself wanting just a few more, so that's how 15 photo holders worked into a tree came to be.  Always a story in there somewhere!

Okay, I won't ramble on today.  I should be dutiful and jump off and do housework.  UGH!  Not my favorite thing!  Have a great weekend, and I'll be back with more of these QP's and some fantastic new word art soon!


Friday, February 3, 2012


Hi All! How did Groundhog Day go in your "neck" of the woods? In my location we had a beautiful sunny day, so I know he must have seen his shadow for sure! No matter; I can't complain about our weather. It's been such a mild winter here, and the robins returned on the 23rd of January! Patches of grass were already greening up and the daffodils are in full size and bloom! Aahh, beach winters!

I'm so excited for you because I'm early in the month having my paper pack freebie ready. Maybe you can use something in it to scrap up your Valentine memory this year! Your FREEBIE contains 9 papers, 12 x 12-inch, 300 dpi, jpgs. I tried to mix it up and give you a variety of looks and textures to play with. The pack started with my monthly text paper shown below . . .

And then it grew to what you see in the pack preview here . . .


This is a lively set with some variety.  Hope you like!

My oldest grandson had his 10th birthday this past Monday, so we celebrated after his basketball game at a local new frozen yogurt shop that just opened downtown.  Yes, it opened in the middle of winter in this depressed economy!  There's a brave somebody at that helm!  Probably knows they will be raking it in this summer during the hot weather, so the staff will have some good training in by then.  It's really a cute shop decked out in bright pink and lime green.  Good thing the frozen yogurt is nonfat because you could gain a ton on all the toppings they offer!!  LOL! 

I had charge of my two oldest grandkids this evening from 4:30 pm on and had to pick up one from gymnastics, get the other to a basketball game, then stop by the store to pick up some dessert, get home and feed them some of my homemade sphagetti/garlic bread/dessert, oversee their homework, and get them to bed by 8:30 pm.!  Whew!  They are fine, but I am pooped out!  Definitely reminds one that keeping up with kids is for young whipper snappers!

Stop back by tomorrow, I have a series of 33 Quick Pages coming at you, the first of which I'll post tomorrow.

Have a great day!