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Friday, February 3, 2012


Hi All! How did Groundhog Day go in your "neck" of the woods? In my location we had a beautiful sunny day, so I know he must have seen his shadow for sure! No matter; I can't complain about our weather. It's been such a mild winter here, and the robins returned on the 23rd of January! Patches of grass were already greening up and the daffodils are in full size and bloom! Aahh, beach winters!

I'm so excited for you because I'm early in the month having my paper pack freebie ready. Maybe you can use something in it to scrap up your Valentine memory this year! Your FREEBIE contains 9 papers, 12 x 12-inch, 300 dpi, jpgs. I tried to mix it up and give you a variety of looks and textures to play with. The pack started with my monthly text paper shown below . . .

And then it grew to what you see in the pack preview here . . .


This is a lively set with some variety.  Hope you like!

My oldest grandson had his 10th birthday this past Monday, so we celebrated after his basketball game at a local new frozen yogurt shop that just opened downtown.  Yes, it opened in the middle of winter in this depressed economy!  There's a brave somebody at that helm!  Probably knows they will be raking it in this summer during the hot weather, so the staff will have some good training in by then.  It's really a cute shop decked out in bright pink and lime green.  Good thing the frozen yogurt is nonfat because you could gain a ton on all the toppings they offer!!  LOL! 

I had charge of my two oldest grandkids this evening from 4:30 pm on and had to pick up one from gymnastics, get the other to a basketball game, then stop by the store to pick up some dessert, get home and feed them some of my homemade sphagetti/garlic bread/dessert, oversee their homework, and get them to bed by 8:30 pm.!  Whew!  They are fine, but I am pooped out!  Definitely reminds one that keeping up with kids is for young whipper snappers!

Stop back by tomorrow, I have a series of 33 Quick Pages coming at you, the first of which I'll post tomorrow.

Have a great day!


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Patti said...

Gorgeous papers! Thanks so much for sharing!! I appreciate your generosity!

Patti in Dallas, Texas, USA