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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Good Wednesday Morning, Everybody!

If you are not already familiar with the digital scrapbooking site, With Love Studio, I suggest you take time to check it out.  In the forum there each month you can collect a complete free kit each month simply by visiting the Daily Download forum thread and collecting the daily pieces.  A different designer is featured each month, and the downloads normally start on the first day of each new month and run for 15 days.  Each free download is usually available for three days, so you have plenty of time to try to collect each day to complete your kit properly.  Around the middle of each month, the kit designer will sometimes post a "challenge" using that month's kit and offer a prize for participation.  The challenge is to use the kit to make a layout and post it. 

This month we collected "HERE THERE BE HAUNTINGS" by Callaluna Creations.  I wanted to do the challenge but didn't have any current Halloween photos just yet to use in my layout, so I made a Quick Page to use after I get some pictures.  The kit designer has graciously given me consent to offer my QP to you here on my blog for free.  I made a 12 x 12-inch, 300 dpi, png format QP ready for you to just slip a photo behind the opening.  Of course, you can easily resize this to an 8 x 8-inch if you prefer.

Here are the preview of elements and papers in this kit.

and here is my QUICK PAGE FREEBIE . . .


From BOX or from HIGHTAIL

I love these two file sharing sites because, as far as I know, there are no hassles for you when you go to download my files.  I provide two in case one of them runs out of bandwidth during any given month.

That's all I have for you at the moment for today.  Stop back by tomorrow as I hope to have the rest of my 2013 calendar grids posted for you to snag!

Have a great week!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Good Morning One and All, Happy Tuesday!  I'm off from work today and tomorrow - yeah!  The house is quiet, and I've got a little time to spare which means I can get my blog posts up to date!  Good for me, good for you!  I have my cup of java in hand, so here we go!  My hubby is in class and taking a test today for his National Pool Operaters license which is only a small part of his job.  I never get this kind of truly quiet time!

Today I have another FREEBIE Quick Page for you.  This one comes from my participation in the monthly QP Game over at Digi Scrap Station in the forum.  For October, we got to use the kit, HALLOWEEN FUN, by The Brown Owl.  I have made my QP in both the 8 x 8-inch and the 12 x 12-inch size, png format, at 300 dpi.  Both downloads are available below. 

First, lets have a look at the kit used which is available in the store at Digi Scrap Station.  Here are some previews . . .

Cute, right?  Okay, here is my Quick Page preview . . .


8 x 8-inch size:  HERE or HERE

12 x 12-inch size:  HERE or HERE

I'm having a terrible time in Blogger getting my preview jpgs to upload.  I can only get one uploaded at a time to show up in the post.  I have to sign out and sign back in to load each picture and make it work correctly.  This has been going on for some time and is really slowing me down; just another glitch for me to work around.  Think I will try to report this to Blogger today since I have extra time to myself.

I was very distressed to find recently that Digi Scrap Depot has closed down.  I had been using that site since I started digital scrapbooking in 2008.  It was such a great community and resource for free digital scrapbooking art, tools and supplies.  I'm so saddened by them having had to close their doors.  I will find another site to post my freebies to eventually, but I certainly will miss my old favorite spot!

Stop by again tomorrow.  I will have another FREEBIE for you most likely of the Halloween theme.  Then my next effort will be to catch up the rest of this years' calendar grid freebies.  I will probably put all the rest of them into one zip file for you to make the rest of this year available and easy by the end of this month!  I should be working on 2014 NOW instead of 2013!!  LOL!!

Have a great day and a wonderful week!


Monday, October 28, 2013


Hi everybody!  Happy Halloween (almost)!  I can finally feel it in the air.  Our beach weather just turned cool in the last two days, and we actually had a skiff of frost on the car windows just yesterday morning!  I just realized it's been about a month since my last post, and I have to wonder where I've been.  Aside from the normal day job, I've been knitting up a storm.  I found a new knitting shop in my area and got inspired to whip up a few gifts for the upcoming holiday season!

I have a few new Quick Pages to share with you over the next few days, all by the end of the month and all with the Halloween theme.

First for today is my participation in the Ivy Scraps monthly Quick Page contest.  We got to work with "BOO" by Lily Belle Design.  My QP FREEBIE is in png format, 300 dpi, and is a 12 x 12" (which can be sized down to 8 x 8" easily if desired).  If Blogger is working correctly just now, here are a couple of previews of the kit used, then my QP and the download links.

And here's a preview of her add-on,

And here are just some of the papers,

And now for the Quick Page I designed from her kit,


I am having difficulty getting more than one preview loaded into blogger, so if you don't see them above, I will have to come back after this posts and slip them in one by one eventually.  But I wanted to at least get this posted so you can download your freebie.  I really don't have time to fiddle with all the glitches in technology.  I wish things would just work like they are supposed to all the time.

I'll be back tomorrow with another freebie Quick Page.  Check back in!