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Monday, October 12, 2015


Good Day! I hope you are enjoying the cooler days of Autumn. It's a welcome change to feel slightly cooler breezes here at my southern beach! We just suffered the heaviest 3-day rainfall I've seen in my 20+ years of living here, over 2 feet of flooding waters right in my area.  Luckily, I live on what is termed "high ground" at 99 ft. above sea level, so other than overflowing ponds in my neighborhood and some standing water after the ground was saturated, we came through it fine. No flood waters in my house, but I did find my living room picture window leaking from the top with that much rain. I kept beach towels rolled up tight in the windowsill and kept changing them as they saturated. Hubby has already repaired the flashing with the return of the sun. So lucky to be married to a maintenance man! My heart goes out to all who suffered devastation across our state. Mind you, this was not from Hurricane Joaquin which was way out in the Atlantic at the time; but it was from the fact that a different eastbound storm was trapped over top of us for 3 days because Joaquin was sitting out there blocking its path of movement. We have a tremendous amount of river flooding which, in turn, has caused roads to wash out in some areas. It will take time to come back from this severe damage.

Of course, me, I'm scrapping about it with lots of photos.

When I looked up from the storm, I realized almost half of October has flown by already! I have a free printable Autumn card for you from my participation in monthly challenges. It will print 8.5 x 11", fold in the middle, blank inside. It's a jpg format at 300 dpi. You can size it down easily if you prefer a smaller card. This one has the month and current year on the front. That was part of the rules in this particular challenge. However, if you would prefer this without the year on it so it could be used in the future, just leave me comments.  If there is enough interest, I will go back to my psd file and make some changes, re-upload a new zip file to my file sharing sites, come back and make a new post with the new card.  For now, here is the current preview . . .


Aren't the apples just gorgeous!  Harvest is such a great time of year! I do believe Fall is becoming one of my favorite seasons.

That's all I have for you today. I am working on designing some new things, both for here and for my Etsy shop.  Stop back in soon to see what's new!

Have a great week! Happy Columbus Day!


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