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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Much needed rain is falling at last as I write this post. The wildfire has continued to burn here for at least two weeks and has consumed about 20,000 acres of very dry forest and undergrowth along the Grand Strand. Luckily it has caused no deaths, but it tragically took out 69 homes in one of our primier resort neighborhoods, and has damaged well over 100 more homes. Relief efforts here have been outstanding and are still underway for those displaced. My daughter's home was spared due to a shift in the beach winds as it neared her district in the late evening. How scary it has been! Whew! Thank the Lord for the much needed rain at last!

I need to do some catching up. I should be doing several posts a day just to get up to date! Yikes! To catch up the rest of April, I'll first show you the cute kit released by DK Designs called Lilly Pond which is available at iscrapbook . . .

It's so cute! There is also a freebie add-on offered by Cherity and Josie on their blog, so go pick up this:

Here are the CT layouts done with this kit:

From Cynthia . . .

From Cherity . . .

From Amanda . . .

From Anj . . .

From Josie . . .And from yours truly . . .

I'm sure you will think up a million ways to use this really fun kit! I want to find more free time to circle back around and do some more of my own fun scrappin' with the darling kits these gals are cranking out for us!

My days have been busy with lots of babysitting the grandkids; feeding/watering/walking the extra doggies staying here; feeding and fueling up the hubby who is between jobs and around the house a lot more than is normal, then finding ways to run my normal daily errands around the road closures in our area due to thick smoke and poor visibility. Things are just not anywhere close to normal pace currently!

I must put in a good word for Craig'sList.com online as I've been hugely successful in selling some things on there lately! Yippee! I had no idea just how many folks must be tuned into that on a daily basis. Try it out for just about any need, it works!

I'll be back hopefully later today with more recent digi-happenings for you! I'm also behind on my freebies, so I'll crank those out this week also. I've got all those pretty flower bordered papers I want you to have for spring/summer scrapping! Check back!


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