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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sentimental Photo

Coming home from our trip north recently, we stopped at the foot of what I lovingly call "Walton's Mountain" to snap a sentimental shot of the sign-post my hubby's family erected after his father's passing. This is at the bottom of a long driveway winding up Elmer's mountain where the homeplace sets and where lots of the offspring have settled around the homplace in nests of their own, much like acorns falling off the tree. Across from this driveway flows the beautiful Greenbrier River where the "youngins" learned to swim, fish, boat, camp out, and take advantage of the great outdoors in general. Many have moved on far and wide, but they always return to visit and remember the good ole days of their youth. Without saying, I always know my hubby has a lump in his throat when we come and go from there, so that's what prompted me to pull over, stop, and capture this shot.

This layout was inspired by Leslie Emery's free sampler, Falling For Autumn, which you can find on her blog here. Other credits include: alpha and rick rack from designer Katie Mann's kit, "Colours of Heritage"; stone and brads from designer Kim Hall's kit, "Weekend Getaway", both of which can be found at online in the software from FxFoto.

I'm so busy this time of year with the cooler weather having finally arrived here in the south. It affords one a chance to be more active outdoors and get some things done. We put our muscles together and accomplished a renovation of the landscaping around our patio area that we have been musing over for, lets see, would you believe 13 years! That's right! I'm so proud, yes, I took pictures before and after and have scrapped them already thanks to another fall like inspiration from the blog of Lisa Joy called "Falling In". These ladies are so wonderful and gracious with their free scrapping gifts to help newbies like me along.

Well, that's it for tonight! I'm off to bed for some zz's! I've got few of my favorite recipes scrapped and ready to share with you in the next few days! Cooler weather brings on more heavy-duty cooking it seems!

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