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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh My Gosh! It's October!

Where have I been!? Busy as a bee, as always! Made a journey to WV (our former home) in mid Sept. so DL (hubby) could undergo a complete physical at The Greenbrier Clinic and we could have answers to some nagging problems at last! This world class medical facility is nestled in the mountains and boasts a highly skilled team of diagnosticians who can get the job done from head to toe in only two days. I know as I worked there for 26 of my best years. Believe me, peace of mind is worth the price. All is well, thank goodness! - - - Since returning home to the beach, fall has arrived in our southern night air; and we were inspired to undertake a huge outdoor landscaping remodeling project to open up our patio area to a more spacious feeling with less overall general maintenance. It's finished as of today, and I'm loving it! My DL always comes through for me as though he can truly visualize what's in my mind, and then he goes a step further and adds some of his own creativity. Thanks honey, it's spendid out there now and will be a great place we can better entertain during family and friend get-togethers! Ouch, our aching backs need to rest now! I'll post some before and after shots of the new area soon. - - - Meanwhile, I who sleep very little, was bitten by inspiration to create a new style necklace for my fall line which I think I will name my "Jazzy Series". It went well and blossomed into a full week of nonstop jewelry creations to which the end is not in sight as yet. Below are two color and style variations in the new series:

Black/Gray/Pearl White

Denim Blue Shades

Like all my handwork, the more I play with it the more ideas come into my head for it. Here's one in which I totally handmade all the links and hooked them together as I went. Talk about time-consuming! Visualize this; while others are smart enough to get their beauty rest, it's just me, java, and the jewelry tools! It's addictive, just like scrapping!

I sell my lovelies at local retail stores along the beach and in my online store, Knotty But Nice, where these will appear as soon as I can get my listings ready to post there, which is like a fulltime job in of itself! What in the world did we do before the convenience of digital cameras and computers??

In the mid zone of my brain maze is the fact that I need to scrap all the wonderful photos I took on the recent WV trip which include my very special "Miracle Mason" (grandson) picking tons of apples daily from the heavily laden trees in my parents' back yard, which of course I carried home via my trusty Dodge Dakota quad cab and shared throughout my southern neighborhood as these were cooking apples. The more apples we gave away, the more applesauce/applie pie, etc. kept showing up at my front door via sweet little elderly ladies looking like June Cleaver in their pretty kitchen aprons thanking us for sharing the apples with them! I made huge dishes of apple crisp with the portion I choose to keep and then shared those throughout the family and neighborhood. It was like an apple festival here for a week! I will post some photos of our apple adventures in future scrap layouts for sure!

Until then (when I shall be more organized, my eternal dream), keep smiling and I hope you're enjoying the cooler days/nights of the fall season!

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