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Friday, June 7, 2013


Greetings!  Welcome to my little corner of creativity!  It's already blazing hot here at the beach, and it's only mid-June!  Wednesday this week saw the onset of extreme humidity, so it's definitely time to stay in the ocean or pool water for comfort out there and wear lots of sunblock!

Had my birthday yesterday, not telling how old!  I've learned to celebrate the fact I am here, not count how long I've been around.  LOL!  I had to work anyway but had a good day.  My DD took me out the evening before for an oceanfront snack and drinks where we could watch some of the local amusements now that the tourists are packed in here.  Lord the sights and sounds; I could people-watch forever, so entertaining!  Anyway during my BD workday, she dropped by with balloons and a cool, yummy Starbucks drink and put me in the spotlight on my job.  I'd been trying to keep it a secret.  Oh well, so much for that.  At the same time my littlest grandson, the one that was the extreme preemie (now 7 yrs. old) came to surprise me with a bouquet of white roses, a card he had picked himself, and a 5x7" school photo which was awesome!  He was so tickled with himself and couldn't wait for me to read his card, as it was a humorous joke type and he wanted to see my face when I read it.  He reads so well already!  Anyway, it was a thrill for me as he is certainly my heart.  Here are a couple of BD shots . . .

My DH treated me to BBQ ribs for my birthday dinner.  He had trouble waiting to give me my gift, and since he knew I'd be working on my special day, he chose to give it to me a few days early when I was off and would have time to investigte it.  It was a total surprise, a 10" Samsung tablet!!  Now, I've got to get cracking as a barely have begun to use all the features on my new LG Optimus smart phone as of late!  He knows I like my electronics and don't want to get left in the dust with technology always advancing by leaps and bounds.  We have fun recalling our very first computer and how rudimentary it really was. 

I found a new digi-scrap site, at least for me to frequent called With Love Studio.  Upon investigating their forum, I found some challenges for the month of June and so far have participated in the June "Use It or Lose It" challenge where you can make a layout, a quick page or something to show or share using the free mini kit they supply.  This month's mini kit is called "Funky Town" by Amy Lee of Starry Eyed Designs there, and here is what it looks like,

I chose to make a Quick Page to share.  My freebie is a 12 x 12-inch png at 300 dpi.  You can easily resize it to an 8 x 8-inch if that's the size you like to scrap in.  I enjoyed the bright colors in this kit, and you may wish to check out the June Use It or Lose It forum thread or gallery to see all the free items that have been made using this kit so you can snag them up for your stash. 


I hope to be back shortly with several more free QPs for this month, your July calendar template, and whatever else I have time to rustle up!

Meantime, enjoy the challenge of staying cool during the summer heat!  And, of course, Happy Scrapping!


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