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Saturday, June 29, 2013


Good Morning, my peeps!  I'm dropping in to post some more FREE QUICK PAGES for you before this month of June slips passed us.  I've been super busy working my job and entertaining my grandkids in my home and at the pool on my two days off.  Needless to say, I'm having to go to bed earlier at night to keep this pace which is opposite my "night-owl" routine which is truly me by nature.  This is cutting my computer time to a bare minimum, but spending time with my grandkids while they have some summer off is my top priority.  They are growing up so fast, and I get to see so little of them during the busy school year and my having to work over the weekends.  I always get all three of them together; and we play games, craft, watch movies, play in the yard with baseball or corn-hole, swim, and manage to eat three meals during the days!  As we returned to my house after our last dip in the pool this week, my youngest one told me that he "wished he could just live with me", and I take that as the highest compliment!  Little does he remember that he actually did live with me in my house until he was 3-1/2 years old.  He is 7 years old now.  Maybe some of it is actually retained in the corners of his mind, but probably not so much as time goes by.  Sure plucked my heart strings though to hear him vocalize that one this week.  Going to try to beg his dad into a sleep-over soon.

We've had rain off and on each day for over a week now.  It's so hot the water vapor just rises while the sun is out, forms clouds, and comes back down at some point during the day.  The rain never lasts very long and moves on out quickly with the breeze, but it can be torrential type rain while coming down!  The tourists are about over it!  Poor dears!

I've gotten a few pages of personal scrapping completed and managed to find time to put together my two regular monthly Quick Pages for the games I enter at Digi Scrap Station and Ivy Scraps.  We'll start with game at DSS which gave us the kit, OCEAN BLUE, by Panda Bear Designs, to play with.  I'm offering my page in both the 8-inch and 12-inch sizes for download below.  These are png files at 300 dpi.  Here is the kit preview . . .

and here is my layout with it . . .

and here is the blank QP . . .


8-inch Ocean Blue Quick Page:  HERE or HERE

12-inch Ocean Blue Quick Page:  HERE or HERE

Next up is from the June Quick Page Game at Ivy Scraps where we got to play with the kit, BITS & BAUBLES, by Waite For The Moment Designs.  I made a 12-inch size, png file, at 300 dpi.  Here is the kit preview . . .

and here is the freebie Quick Page I designed from it . . .


I hope you like and can use these in your personal digi-scrapping.  Of course, if you want to collect the other contestant's pages, just visit the forum thread at each site about the June Quick Page Challenge/Game.  Each contestant will post a direct download link for their QP in that forum thread.  You probably need to be registered in the forum before you will be able to see those active links.  It's all free, so have at it.

That's it for the moment from me.  Short and sweet!  I'll be back soon to post your July Calendar Grid freebie, so don't miss that!  Leave some love if you download my goodies; just let me know you were here at least!

Oh yeah, I had my pooch, Duffy, shaved down for the summer heat by my DD today.  Geez!  He looks naked now, but he's loving it himself as evidenced by his extra rough playtime this evening.  He was sporting a beautiful full winter coat of buff colored curls and was extra cute with it.  I feel like I've just cute off Sampson's hair, but it had to be done for his comfort.  Never fear, it will grow back sooner than we think!

Chat soon!


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