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Saturday, June 1, 2013


Welcome to the grand month of June, my birthday month!  I had great intentions of posting this freebie on our real Memorial Day, but I got tired and got behind so I'm bringing it to you a little late.  Perhaps I've given you time to capture just the right photo for this mask, and now you are more ready to sit down to scrap.

I love making clipping masks, and there are so many ways to use these.  This is a png file at 300 dpi and can be easily resized larger or smaller without quality loss for printing.  You can set this on top of your background paper, then clip your photo directly to it and see what that looks like.  Or, if you prefer, you can clip another paper to this mask and then pop your photo in the center and test out that look.  You also can apply styles to this mask to get a completely different look, or recolor it as you desire.  Masks are very flexible in digi-scrapping if you know how to use your scrapping program.  Whatever you do with it, I hope it serves you well. 

My brother, who is retired Army now, texted me on the Memorial Day Monday holiday to let me know that his oldest son was at the airport taking off for Iraq at 6:30 pm that evening.  I could sense the anxiety in my brother's written words.  I immediately texted my nephew a "love you, have a good flight, stay safe" take off message with my new "smart phone".  He volunteered for this year-long tour of duty as his intention is to make the military his career and he is bucking for Officer's Candidate School.  Doesn't make us worry any less.  We refer to his ultimate location there as "the sand box" trying to keep our conversations light and less full of our nervousness, but really nothing alleviates the anxiety for any relative of an active-duty military person, much less the parents involved.  So, once again, our hearts were heavy as yet another one of our family members headed out over the ocean waters to serve our country.  He will be constantly in our thoughts and prayers until his safe return.  Here is a look at my nephew and his fiance,

He has the greatest sense of humor, dry and witty; always making others laugh.  It was with him in mind that I created this photo mask for you.

Remember to keep our military personnel in your hearts, minds, and prayers in your daily life.  They are actively protecting YOUR freedom which does not come FREE.

Leave me some love if you download, I'd like to know what you think of my freebies.

I'll attempt bein back tomorrow with your free calendar grid for June, so stop back by!


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Nancy said...

Love masks! Thank you for your generosity.