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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Have you tried your hand at digital ART JOURNALING?  I took a class in it, pre-Christmas I think, over at Jessica Sprague taught by her and the awesome Nancie Rowe Janitz, formerly of CatScrap (which is now ScrapFlower) but now on staff at Jessica Sprague.  I wanted to get more familiar and more comfortable with just what Art Journaling is all about.  It's very free-spirited, yet very introspective at the same time.  Almost anything goes, basically like back when you were a first-grader and learning to draw and color with different mediums. 

I was loafing at JS in the forum waiting on my PhotoShop Friday class to be posted when I became absorbed in several of last weeks challenges, one of which was for Art Journaling which they do in the forum weekly.  One of the store's team leaders will post a prompt to have in mind while you create your page.  The rest of what you do is pretty much up to you and your interpretation.  Last week's prompt was the word, FREE.  So with that in mind, here is the page I created . . .

I used a paper from Art Journaling Backgrounds 2 by Jodie Lee (another one of the JS designers), a photo I had taken of seagulls on the beach, a soft air brush eraser, and the font is Fiolex Girls.  After I got happy with it, I lowered the opacity on the photo to around 80% so it appears softer.  This was fun!

Another of the three challenges I did last week was to write down at least 5 (or 5+) words or short phrases about our summer and what it is to us.  That was to be the journaling on our layouts using as many photos as we each had words or phrases.  We were to also have "Summer" in the title.  So with that in mind, here is the page I whipped out using some very recent photos and again Aimee Harrison's portion of the Divine Digital collab kit, Family Funtown which was a June D-A-D.

One of my most recent mental projects is to make sure I create a totally summery album this year for printing, so with what I'm into lately, I'm getting a good start on that.

Alrighty then!  In my next post I should be bringing you a FREE QUICK PAGE and news on where you can pick up a whole lot more Free QPs to make a matching album.  I've got to size my web preview down, and then I'll be ready with it.  Do stay tuned!



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