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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Try saying that three times fast!  LOL!  Hi, Everybody!  Just wanted to pop in here and show you three of my newest layouts.  They are simplistic, but none-the-less were fun to put together using Aimee Harrison's portion of the June D-A-D at Divine Digital called "FAMILY FUNTOWN".  My large title font is called ERASER, and I most likely picked that up at DaFont for free.  Here's a look at my "hot-off-the puter" pages which are nice and summery . . .

What do ya think?  Leave me a comment.

Hubby and I have undertaken painting the interior of our house ourselves, and we are in our second week of the work.  We normally do all of our own work of all types, as he is one of those "Jack-of-All-Trades".  He is a perfectionist, so I never have to worry about getting a quality job done; and he does carpentry, plumbing, tile work, flooring, electrical, masonary, and landscaping just to name a few of his skills.  The only things he won't tackle are major auto problems and air conditioning repairs.  Anywho, we are only painting in stages on his two days off each week, and because we are covering a darker shade with a lighter shade, it's taking 3 coats.  I know, you're thinking "they should have gotten paint with the primer in it".  Well, we did that, and it's still taking three coats to cover a buff beige with a sunny bright yellow.  Yeah, we decided to really brighten things up around here!  I have three grandchildren who frequent my place fairly often to play, eat, swim, and just hangout because I'm a goovy mimi, so my paint is a good quality washable satin finish.  The trim is getting a fresh coat of white semi-gloss, and I'm then going to undertake changing my general theme from Tuscan wine country to something more beachy since that's where we live and I didn't go that route when I moved here in '95.  I'm now ready to submit to brighter colors.  So far with just the painting, the downstairs foyer, hall and living room are done.  The dining room is up for next week, then the kitchen, then the left wall heading up the staircase.  We are saving the den downstairs for some other color and theme.  It's our only downstairs room that still has wall-to-wall carpet instead of tile floors.  Tile is much easier to keep up here at the sandy beach, and it's all around better when you have always had dogs like we do.

Okay, my puter is annoying me wanting to do a restart to finish it's Windows Updates, so I'll jump off here and let it happen.

Be back in the next few days with a FREE QUICK PAGE for you, so stay tuned.



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