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Saturday, August 21, 2010


My intentions were good for another FRIDAY FREEBIE, but I got detained from my work here, so it's a SATURDAY SPECIAL for my peeps!  It will give you something to play with over the weekend, if you have any spare time!  Haha!  I realize for those with children school is beginning this Monday in a lot of areas, so you may be pressed for time in reality getting those supplies in and everything ready to send your babes packing once again.  My own 8-yr. old grandson loves school so much that he looks forward to returning and finds it difficult to occupy himself fully across the summer.  He loves learning and having new mental challenges that much; what a blessing!

Bye the way, I have fixed the one bad "Buy Now" button that wasn't working in The Mason Jar offerings.  Thanks gals for letting me know!!  Please do if you find any buttons or links on my blog not working correctly.  Nothing expires, so everything should work all the time here!  I try to test everything as it gets posted, but sometimes broken html gets past me for a bit, so thanks for the shout-out. 

Also, I've just learned more about how to apply stitching, so I went back and made a set of the Old World Tags with stitching added.  How cute they are!  I'm going to beef up that Mason Jar offering in my last post to more value by adding the stitched set to the download file, so you will get a total of 40 tags for the price rather than 20.  I will hopefully make those changes this weekend and you will see the preview change to say "40" instead of the now stated "20".  Those that have already purchased will get a new download link by email to snag up the rest of that set.  Yes, I believe in a good value! 

I should be able to get some major digital reorganization accomplished this weekend.  My DH has new days off which are in the middle of the week, so I'm getting used to being able to work on my creativity across the real weekends which is very different for me.  That's life, full of constant adjustments. 

Here's your FREEBIE for today, a "Harvest" photo mat/clipping mask.  I love to make these things, so I hope you find this one timely for your own use as we head into the Fall season soon.  It's a png file at 300 dpi, so you can resize it larger or smaller as you need for your own layout.  There are many ways to use these masks.  You can clip background paper to it and then pop a photo on top in the middle, or you can clip a photo to the whole mask for an awesome cool look against a contrasting background.  I made a quick layout with this one and used a combination of the two methods by clipping a photo to the mask and then adding a small oval photo on top of that.  I really love my clipped photo, see my layout below for inspiration.  Also, let me know if anyone has a special request for a photo mat/mask wording, and I'll be happy to whip it up for you.  I have a ton of these ready to go, just need to post them one at a time for ya.  There's a great possibility I'm sitting on the one you really want already, so let me hear from you!  If you want to show off your layout using one of my masks, I'll be glad to post it here; just send it by email or download link to me in a small web size (600x600, 72-100 dpi).  My email link is in the "about me" section of this blog and also in my TOU in each downloaded file.  Enough said, here's the goodie!

That's via box.net for all our sakes since it's such a small file size.  Box is so uncomplicated and without a bunch of annoying pop-ups or wait time!!

Here's my layout using this mask . . .
What do ya think of those veggies??  I love taking macro photos practically crawling into the item myself as I snap the shot!  Onlookers think I'm a kook, but I get some very interesting photos that way!  I used another Janice Ward of JW-DigiScrap creation to wrap this up in called "Harvest Home".  Cute, hey?

Onward for a small tad of inspiration just in case you need a dose (teehee):

The above layout was my PhotoShop Friday #14 lesson from none other than Jessica Sprague using the materials provided in the download for ONE BUCK, complete templete and all the papers, etc.  All I had to gather in was a free font she recommended and my own photo.  We practiced the concept of using oversized puntuation, such as the question mark you see above, as a focal point in the layout, then adding an off-set stroke and sticker type background to it.  I like how this technique looks so much like real hybrid paper scrapping, it makes the digital practically jump off the page at you!  Do you see all those questions?  The page was built around the subject of the boundless curiosity most children have, and it was great fun to construct the page!

The LO above was made for the weekly Thursday Template Challenge at MissesBeeHaven with the template supplied and built around the theme of "scrap what makes you HAPPY".  For me, that was easy, smiling faces on these three makes me truly happy.  I used MBH product for it, Splash of Fun, which was their June Download-A-Day collab kit.  You probably can't tell I'm a teal mixed with anything lover!

And lastly . . .

Here again, this LO was made for the MBH weekly Thursday Template Challenge around the theme of "scrap what you collect".  I used MBH's "Splash of Fun" and "Bliss This Heart" for this page.  Living at the ocean, I collect a lot of seashells constantly, so I turn them into outer decor on the birdhouses I make and recycle them back into being used again to house another of God's creatures.  Pretty, durable, waterproof . . . a bird just couldn't have it any finer!!  These will get a cute coiled wire hanger, maybe a little color on the texture material between the shells, a sealer and then off to market they go.  If you like them, watch for one to hop into The Mason Jar eventually.

Okay, that all from me for the moment.  Thanks for stopping by, and I'll be back real soon with more digital happiness for you!  Have a wonderful weekend!



CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Template(s), Overlay(s), Photo Mask(s) post on Aug. 21, 2010. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!