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Friday, August 27, 2010


I've been busy, and I don't know where this week went so fast!  I'm still getting used to my DH not being off on the normal weekends; it's strange but okay.  Just kind of throws me off mentally a bit!  He's been sneezing for 2-3 days now, seems everybody at his work-place has a virus of some kind right now, some with fever, some without.  I've been pumping him full of extra vitamins lately, so maybe that will help him past the unavoidable exposure to rampant illnesses one is subjected to when working out there in the public environment.  I've done the vitamin thing, even laying them out for him the night before so he won't forget to take them on his way out in the morning, mainly because he is dieting hot and heavy right now trying to knock off 15-20 pounds.  I'm not sure he is getting enough nutrition for a working man!  At any rate, my week has flown by, how about yours?

I won "Layout of the Week" at MissesBeeHaven in the Thursday Template Challenge last week for my layout in a previous post with the "I Collect Seashells by the Seashore".  It's cool to have something you've put together get noticed like that.  Made me smile!

I've completed by two-week, self-paced "BrushAbilities" class and 15 PhotoShop Friday lessons at Jessica Sprague.  I absolutely love having the lessons to do whenever I can sit down and focus.  I so look forward to each and every one.  I was able to take advantage of a hefty discount coupon for the BA class, and I get the PSF one at a time weekly during her "One Buck Wednesdays".  It's so great to feel like you are getting so much knowledge and instruction for such a discount!  This week, I designed my first set of 3 brushes, and after I test out their quality in a project or so, I'll probably share them here with you.  I'm a stickler for quality in my finished designs!  I learned more about various ways to use brushes, such as erasers, clipping masks, etc.  We finished up the BA class by designing new blog headers with varoius techniques learned throughout the course, so after I refine mine a bit more as to its needed size to fit here nicely, I will probably be sporting a new header and have more fun changing that more often!  Teehee!  I designed so much this week, I think I only finished one layout, so here it is:

The learning focus in this one was the swirly element at the bottom of the photo. It was a brush used as a clipping mask, then transformed into a "sticker" look. I love the design of it! We received so many cool items in JS's downloads for class. Yummy!!!

I took time back-tracking and upgraded my freebie in the August 16th post as promised.  There are now 4 tags (instead of 2) in the tag sample and 40 tags (instead of 20) in the MJP.  Better value since I learned how to "stitch".  Haha!  I think I will start breaking my label descriptions down further in the right side bar navigation so you peeps can find what you want easier.  Sound good?

I'll share a short story:  My mom is 82 yrs. of age, very super-active.  She had the mitral valve heart surgery in February this year so she could be ready to mow her 2 acres all season beginning in April in her part of the country, and she normally has had a garden every year of her life for as long as I can recall.  However, she has had to remain quiet this summer due to a seige of nosebleeds which began right after Memorial Day weekend, off and on.  She ended up in her local ER three times with hemorrhages which required nasal packing.  Basically, in cases like this, physical activity just has to be next to nothing until "the weak vessel" heals.  Consequently, she has had an excruiating summer of dullness compared to what is normal for her.  We've spent a lot of time on the phone because she is bored and going stir-crazy from being so idle.  No bending, stooping, lifting, running, or even fast walking; nothing to get that heart rate up and cause blood to pump faster.  Her restriction was up on August 18th and she had a scheduled recheck with her doctor that mid morning.  Wouldn't you know, she hemorrhaged again early that morning, requiring the ER once again!!  This time they were able to clean well enough to identify the source as a nasal polyp (tumor) on her septum about mid way up.  They surgically removed it, and she is now healing from that, on restriction again.  At least, if I can keep her from going nuts with all this inactivity, this may be the end of the red river seige she has been under!!  Heart surgery and that recovery went so fine to have her summer ruined by her nose problem!!  Humph!!  I'm sure in larger cities with larger hospitals, this nasal polyp would have been identified and removed much quicker.  Just the trials and tribulations of living in a small remote little area that I lovingly refer to as "the sticks".  End of that saga. . .

I have another medical story I can impart, but I'll save it until I have more updated news on it.  I've always found medicine very interesting.  It's also good to share what you know or have learned as you may be able to help someone else learn something they will be able to utilize somewhere in their own future.  Ya just never know . . .

Alrighty then . . .  it's FREEBIE time, and I have a nice one for you today!  I've collected lots of brushes during taking my classes, so I've been practicing using some of them to make papers!  Today I have for you a nice set of an even dozen 12 x 12", 300 dpi background floral papers in a subtle range of colors that should work nicely for some of your scrapping.  They are textured, and the florals in this set are only up and down the left side of the papers, so you have plenty of room for your photos, elements, and journaling.  I think they are cool, so I hope you do too!  I'm working on several more sets to bring along to you later with more grunged up edges and different focal points, so keep checking back in for those.  I've named these "Floral Essence, Set 1" and here is the preview:


Luckily the zipped file ended up being small enough I could upload it to Box.net, so it should be a quick and uninterrupted download on your end.  Ahh, yes!!  I think of you!!

Well, that's wraps up my time here today.  I've got to go figure out how I can finish up this week in a productive manner.  I'll be back soon with lots more digi prizes!!  Stay tuned!



CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 3 post on Aug. 27, 2010. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

great papers, thank you