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Monday, August 16, 2010


I do hope you, my peeps, will consider my frame of mind as we trek on through the month of August.  It's a tough month for me emotionally, and I am trying desperately to keep my mood up above the proverbial waterline, so to speak.  This week on the 20th marks one year since my firstborn daughter's death and, to me as her mom, it still feels like just yesterday.  I'm trying to focus and stay productive, and the digital scrapping and designing helps me keep my mind occupied the best of anything I've tried in the last year.  Thus, I'm spending time trying to help my angel-baby by stuffing "The Mason Jar" with projects in an effort to help her son left behind who is now 4-1/2 years old.  If your not familiar and would like to know more, read about this project by using my right sidebar navigation labels and click on "The Mason Jar Story".  I hope my Lorie is smiling down upon her mom.  She was an avid paper scrapper and had just begun to show an interest in learning how to also master digital scrapping, so I hope she approves of this effort for her Mason.

Today's offering is a nice set of 40 tags I've named "Old World Tag Set".  I'm currently taking another class online at Jessica Sprague, this one a 2-wk long, self-paced instruction class on more PSE techniques to master.  Every time I sit down and do one of the lessons, I'm so inspired I then go on and create something more of my own with the techniques I've just learned.  So, last night these tags sprang forth from me!  These are png files so everyone can use them.  They are textured, inked, stamped, pretty cool and grungy, 20 are stitched; and I did put a very small soft drop shadow on each of them because it makes them look so much more dimensional on the layout page.  I'm giving away a sample of them as your FREEBIE TODAY, so read to the bottom to snag that!  If you're as enthused with them as I am, perhaps you'll wish to have this set of twenty.  I tried to make you a close-up sample of some of the detail on each tag, so I hope you can see this preview well enough.

And darn while I was making that I stumbled across an entirely new technique, how to actually "slice" out the portion of each tag I wanted to use to show you the detail. Wow, so much learning is going on here with me!  Now here is the actual set offering:  When you purchase this by using the "buy now" button below, be sure to include your email in the space provided, and within 24 hours you will receive the download link from me.  Don't be afraid, it's through PayPal which is very safe, and you don't need a PayPal account to use it either as they process all credit cards shown below the button.  I've been using PayPal for years, well since it began basically and never a problem.  In fact, I have some really great stories I can share about PayPal, but I'll save them for another post.  I tend to get long-winded and off track.  Here you go . . .

Price is $1.15 (no shipping, it's a digital download)

Enter Your Email Here

Here's just a tad of inspiration.  I worked up this layout for a forum template challenge using a them of "friendship" hosted weekly every Thursday at MissesBeeHaven.  If you're not checking out digital shop/store forums for all the fun and freebies, you need to!  There are monthly, bi-monthly, and even weekly challenges in most all of them.  MissesBeeHaven is great for me as they host a weekly on their template challenge, so I (being the template junkie that I am) look forward to a new one there free every Thursday!!  Plus, check out the forum "RAKs & freebies thread, that's where folks like me post about and give links to personal blogs so you can run around and snag all the digital goodness you have time to download!  This layout features my grandson Donovan (8 yrs. old) and his BFF.
Aren't they just so cute at 8 and 9?  These guys are basically inseparable!  I LUV all my LO's, but here's one that I especially like the construction of, and it was using a template provided in my PhotoShop Friday Classes by Jessica Sprague.  I love how there is the larger photo clipped to a grungy edged mask and then the two smaller square photos on top of it on a small mat.  That's such a cool look, I'll have to remember to use it often in my future scrapping.  This below features my angel-baby's son, Mason, my personal love project.

Next is a layout of celebration to commemorate my DH's return to the work force last week!  Yeah!  I did it from pretty much scratch with paper and a frame I had made using again, more class techniques.  Practice, practice, practice!!  Do you like the coloration on that frame?  It was a happy accident!  Teehee!  I had applied a darker denim fiber paper of my own to it and accidently had left it on when I clicked again to add another style to the frame.  Oh happy days, that was the perfect look I was searching for on that light blue background paper!!

Most of the other elements in the above layout were gathered from several fabulous kits by Janice Ward of JW-DigiScraps; "My Men", "Mom For The Ages", and that awesome journaling tag from her "Resolutions" kit!  More journaling tags, please, Janice!!  I had a story to tell on that one and filled it up!  Somebody will love reading all that one day when we are but a memory. - - - Next up, below, is another spin on that lonely single sunflower of mine using a large photo mask I made, my own papers (with a technique used on the green one) and some more of Janice Ward's elements and a crazy looking ant by Mitsybelle, both of whom can now be found collaborating and offering their goodies at the wonderful The Studio.

A couple more, then on to your FREEBIE!  This year I have vowed to attempt to scrap a little more about myself.  Because we love, we tend to scrap everybody but yours truly.  I read so much of that in forums under the Project 365 and Project 52 threads, and I had been thinking about it even on my own.  I am always behind the camera and usually never in front of it, so much so that my own family is used to not taking pictures of me themselves with their own cameras; they can't get me out of my own lens long enough I suppose.  They have given up.  So, if I'm not in many photos, that's why, but I can at least take pics of what I do and scrap those.  Maybe I'll even learn how to set the timer on my digital camera on it's little tripod and them run and jump in the photo, you know, a self-portrait type of thing.  Ooh, but then I'd have to put on some make-up!  Forget that!  I'm scrapping some of the food I make, that's but one of my threads on thought on this subject, I have many and will start sharing those with you in future posts.  Like a photo prompt, if you need them.

Well enough about me!  It's on to your FREEBIE!  Here's a sample of the set of tags just put into "The Mason Jar" above so you can get an idea of how well you do or don't like or need them.  I'm going to work on some more creative designs for tags, so we'll see what I can come up with soon.  I'm interested in journaling tags as that should be such a large part of why we scrap, to leave our stories behind one day for posterity to read.  Can you envision your great-great grandchildren as adults one day sitting on the sofa looking through your old dusty scrapbooks their parents left them and reading all the great stories you left behind with the photos??!!  That's what it's about, sum total.  Snag up this freebie and have a great week!

I hope to be back soon with lots more goodies, so stay tuned in!  Thanks for all the great comments left and for using the chat box, too, guys and gals!  I love communication, and the comments spur on my desire to create.  Thank you all for the "thank yous".  Let me know if you would like any of the frames or photo masks I've made and used in these particular layouts above.  They could end up being freebies if you express your interest!  Speak up!

I'm back doing a p.s. to this post:  For heaven sakes, I just checked out Persnickety Prints for the first time, and I'm way impressed!  I've just added their blinky to my blog, and I want you peeps to run right away before August 18th is over and check out their August 15th blog post for a chance to win a huge set of templates!!  All you have to do is leave a comment under that post!  Cool, hey?  Here's the link for to their BLOG   Now run along quickly!!!!!



Janice W said...

Gotcha! More journaling tags! I'll see what I can do for you! :) I'm such a horrific journaler that I probably don't do a very good job of getting them included, but for you...I'll do better!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Elements or Papers post on Aug. 17, 2010. Thanks again.