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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I'm so excited! This just proves if you ask, you just may receive!! I applied and have been accepted as a Creative Team member for DK Designs who is comprised of two sisters, Josie Stewart and Cherity Anderson, who love to digi-scrap and are making beautiful kits for everybody to work with!! I ran across their blog in my "digi-surfing" and was struck by their beautiful color combinations in their own creations. While reading their blog I saw their CT call and decided to respond, and they have taken me on. I hope to do you proud girls!! They are so nice and have already been sweet and kind enough to teach me how to insert those blinkies into my blog template with very exact directions. Those directions were perfect! You two are great teachers!!

Other CT members for them include Cynthia Clark, Anj Schlafmann, and Annette Thompson. I will post these ladies' websites when I get them in the near future.

DK Designs has several brand new kits going out to their stores. One is called "SLEEP TIGHT" and comes in two color versions, one for Baby Boy and one for Baby Girl pictured below. For now, this kit can be purchased exclusively at iscrapbook.com

Below are some layouts already shared by the new CT members:

Layouts created by Cynthia Clark.....

Layouts created by Annette Thompson.....

Layouts created by me.....

Purely sweet, huh? It was so much fun to do. My layout shows my precious extreme preemie grandson, Mason Alexander, who was born in 2006 at only 24 weeks gestation at 1 pound 8 oz, way before his lungs were formed, and well, before a lot of things about him had formed. Against all medical odds and after six months of round-the-clock NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit in an incubator under a team of special angels, he got to come home to continue 24-7 secluded home care with oxygen, feeding tube, and heart monitor for the next 6 months and advice of major isolation from people and germs for the first 2 years of his life. I'm happy to let you know that we just celebrated Mason's THIRD BIRTHDAY, and he is a perfect little guy who is extremely quick-minded and way ahead of all of us caring for him. LOL! He may be smaller than most, but he is mighty and determined in spirit, and I am quite sure that this and the Lord is what brought him home to us! Yeah!!

Another beautiful brand new kit by DK Designs, "RUSTIC SPRING" shown here.....

Here are some of our CT layouts with it so far.....

From Annette Thompson.....

and here is mine.....I fashioned my page around a picture of my mom awaiting the arrival of Spring in the Appalachian Mountains of WV (about as rustic as it can get), standing in front of her beautiful spirea (Baby's Breath), and she is wearing her favorite hat that I crocheted for her. She was 79 then and is almost 81 in a few days, and she still lives life with all the gusto of a 30 year old lass. She is my inspiration in so many ways! My brother's nickname for mom is "the rock", because to him, through thick and thin, good times and bad, she is like the Rock of Gibraltar. Of course, as teenagers we had some other nicknames for our parents; but I won't go into those here. Heehee! We are grown-ups now!

More layouts with this gorgeous kit will be forthcoming soon! This beauty is already in the stores at Just Digi Layouts and Digital Scrap Designs! Hurry and get it and get a jump on spring!!

And here's one more really GREAT GOODIE from my new friends, and this is going on right now and can be seen on their blog....They have a list of kits down the right side of their blog all for $2.00, and if you buy any one kit you get this kit, "BE MY VALENTINE", seen below for FREE!!

Isn't this just awesome! One more thing to show you. Josie and Cherity also have plenty of freebies on their blog, so float on over there and have a look around. I picked one called "Breezy" to create a layout to show them an example of my work, so I'll share the kit preview and my layout below:

And here is the layout I did with the very unique colors in this kit.....

The lady in this page is a very good high school friend of mine now living in Yuma, AZ. We used to cheerlead together, and she lives her life with that same gusto that we had back then! In the late fall of 2008 she and her hubby were riding downtown via this cycle to have a hamburger out together when they were broadsided by an elderly driver who just didn't see them apparently. My dear friend and her husband are both lucky to still be with us, and she has been through a hidious ordeal of surgeries, rehab through the holidays, and has just gotten her cervical collar removed two weeks ago. She is determined to get her limbs moving like they did before the accident, so you keep up the therapy girlfriend! Good Luck and I LUV YA!

This ended up a long post, so call me gone for tonight! I'll be back soon with some more frame freebies for you in the next few days, so stay tuned! I want you to have the complete Series 6 set of 14 "Hearts Afire" frames before February 14th!!



Cherity said...

You are doing such a great job with your LOs! It's so exciting for me to see our kits used!

Josie said...

Wow! You're awesome!! I love your LO's it's fun to see what our CT comes up with!!