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Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'm in such a rush, so I hope Blogger feels like cooperating for this post.  I've had two grandsons with birthdays this month, one 7 and one 11.  Whew!  Being creative with their gifts so close after having Christmas is always a challenge.  For the older one whose birthday was yesterday, we had an at-home taco bar birthday dinner, cake and ice cream with family and a few of his close friends in.  We were under a tornado watch along the coast here, so it was good that we stayed home.  Weather has been in the 70's, but the wind, moisture in the air, barometric pressure and clouds have been kooky in the last 24 hours. 

My mother-in-law passed away at age 75 in the early morning hours of Tuesday, the 29th.  My hubby and step-son packed a quick duffle and headed north 6-1/2 hours to her hospital Sunday night at 9 p.m. when it became apparent that her condition was failing.  She was lucid to the end and had her final conversational connection with each member of their very large family which is very Christian and very strong in mind and spirit.  She wouldn't accept any morphine for pain until after those family conversations.  When the doctor asked what the Hospice plan would be, she told him she wouldn't need one.  She told us she had seen the angels already, they were there with her; the same ones her husband had seen just before he passed several years ago.  She had thought he was out of it when he told her about the angels, but she now told us they are very real and we needed to know that.  She had signed a DNR order.  She was ready, and she decided when to go.  She said her work was done, she had had enough, and she removed her own oxygen mask and slipped away. 

Everybody called her Nanny.  She was country, sweet, sensitive, loving, forgiving, kind, and generous.  She was very feminine, dressed well, loved silk pajamas, painted her nails, wore scarves and bows and flowers in her pretty hair, and her favorite color was pink.  She sang and played a guitar.  She loved to read books, watch good movies, make quilts, sew, knit and crochet.  She loved a good jigsaw puzzle, and there was always one in progress somewhere in the house.  She loved her houseplants and tended her outdoor flowers.  She liked to shop and loved Christmas-time because she was a giver.  She loved coming to the beaches on vacation and gathering seashells and getting a tan.  She loved her life, her home, her family, and her man.  She missed him dearly in the last few years.  RIP you two lovebirds!  We will miss you!

We will be traveling to attend her funeral and be with the family for a few days afterwards.  The weather forecast is not looking good up North, we will take extra time to be extra cautious on the roads.

I didn't want to disappear on you without checking in here and finalizing my Quick Page entry for the January QP game I did at Digi Scrap Station.  We worked with a kit by Scrappy Cats called "Snowy Skies".  I'm offering both the 8-inch and 12-inch sizes here on my blog.  They are png format at 300 dpi.  You can collect all of them in the forum at Digi Scrap Station in the January QP Game thread.  Each QP entry has posted a direct download link for their page.  Here is the full kit preview . . .

and here is my Quick Page . . .





I hope to post again before too much of February gets away from me.  I'd like to get the rest of those 2012 calendar templates out to you soon. 

It was with a sad face and heavy heart I read in the Divine Digital forum that Royanna is closing the site on Feb. 28th due to her poor health.  I totally understand her decision but will miss that scrapping site so much.  I've hung out there for years and years.  There was always so much inspiration oozing there! 

And if you can answer these two questions, please do so for me in the comments.  Where in the world did Berry Sweet Scraps go?  And what has happened to the site at Scrappity-doo-dah?  Does anybody know what's going on???

Okay, I've gotta jump off here.  So much to do, so little time.  I still haven't gotten around to reloading all my listings in my Etsy shop, so I will focus on that when I return from this trip.  Take care till we can chat again. 



makeyesup said...

Sorry about your Mother-In-Law, she sure sounded like an amazing person. It's good that your husband made it to the hospital on time to speak one last time with her. Take care and be safe on the trip.

boop52245 said...

Sorry about your Mother-In-Law. As far as Berry Sweet Shop it was open one day and gone the next not sure what happened. With Scrappity-Doo-Dah they announced that they were closing at end of January. Hated to see both of them gone. Like you I really miss Divine Digital.