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Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've been hanging out in the forums of digi-scrapping sites like DigiShopTalk (DST) and DigiScrapAddicts (DSA) to mention only two of MANY! You get to know a lot of great folks that way, and there are fun scrappin' challenges going on every month to participate in if you want to strive for more experience. I even won a free kit from a very lovely designer, Emma Moore/Eyelet's Scrap Designs, who sells her designs at Divine Digital, which is another of my favorite places to shop for wonderful kits! I won her brand new kit, "Summer Grunge", which is just so colorful for scrapping all your spring and summer shots! Personally, I will always be in love with the grunge style! Here's her kit preview and two layouts I did with it just tonight:

The first LO above is of my DH taking an early walk on Easter morning, and the second is just random shots of my brood. I wanted to show some of the very different pieces to the kit, and there's a lot more. The papers are just awesome; I love the window type frame and the stitched outlines, and there's another frame I just couldn't work into these two layouts . . . but I'm for sure not finished with this great kit!! Ya'll jump on over to Divine Digital and check out this great kit! Tell Emma that Janytime sent ya! Thanks, Emma, for your generosity; and it's nice to get to know you!!

I don't know about ya'll, but I'm having a DIGI-BLAST lately!!! Sure hope you are too!!! And, yes, I'm trying to keep up with my real life daily duties also. Today I helped my DH with his maintenance duties on a large home we caretake for an elderly man in our area, baked a yummy carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, made a huge bowl of chicken salad for dinner, picked up my granddaughter from her preschool at 5:30pm, fed her and her mother (my youngest DD), cleaned all that up, took a walk about the neighborhood just for the exercise, all before scrapping a thing today! So there!! I am desperately trying to manage my addiction! Teehee!! Pays to be a "night owl" like me! It's such the solution !! Oh to give you an idea about the rest of that dinner we had tonight and the heat of July here in the coastal south, we simply slapped that chicken salad on whole grain buns, added good ole greasy chips to the side of the plate, cold fresh peaches over cottage cheese, a slab of carrot cake for dessert, all washed down with freezing cold limeade (what a thirst quencher) and a slice of watermelon to boot! One tries very consciously to not turn on the oven just for meals during the summer, so the grill is imperative, kinda like your washer and dryer. I made sure everybody really wanted that carrot cake too before I turned the oven on for that this afternoon. I had to see the drool come off their tongues first! Haha!!

Sorry, didn't mean to make you hungry! (Grin)

I'll be back soon, hopefully with your next freebie or maybe even two freebies, as I feel a little behind on those.



Manda said...

You have an award on my blog scrappingwords.blogspot.com! Go to my blog to see more info. :)

Emma said...

You did an awesome job with "Summer Grunge". Thanks so much for all your kinds words you are a real sweety!