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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Happy Summer, everyone! Today we say goodbye to June 2015!  Sorry so long between posts, but my home-front has been really busy this summer. I'm keeping one of my grandsons because his female parental unit is working an evening shift at a local hospital. He is happy here with us, so I'd rather he be here than anywhere else. He can swim, play, ride his bike, and love on my dog; so all that is good. Besides, there are no two people any more fun than Pawpa and Mimi! His eyes sparkle and he is full of 9 yr. old giggles when he's around us, so I know he's happy.

I jumped on here to post my FREE Quick Page for June for you. This comes, as usual, from my participation in the monthly Quick Page Challenge over at Ivy Scraps. We normally have at least 12 or so participants, so if you're interested in collecting all the free Quick Pages, just hop over there to the forum and look under the "Monthly Challenges" section, locate the June 2015 Quick Page Challenge thread, and each participant will have his/her direct download link posted in that thread, just scroll through it to find them all. Easy-peezy! It will be enough pages to have a nice little free album, and the sizes are always 12 x 12-inches, but you can easily reduce them to 8 x 8-inches if you prefer that size. This month we got to play with the kit, Have Fun, by Happy Scrap Arts, and below is are the previews.  Our pages come to you in PNG format, 300 dpi (for excellent print quality), so all you need do is slip your photos underneath the page.

Here is my finished layout using the page I designed

Below is the blank Quick Page preview followed by the download links.


I took time just recently and made a new template, so I hope to be back soon to post that for you as soon as I can get it packaged up correctly.

I had a weeks vacation during the first of this month, so I took a ton of photos since the trip included getting to see and spend time with my parents who are 92 and 87 years of age! I've spent a good deal of time scrapping those up so I can get an album to them soon. I will freely admit that I used most other designers' free Quick Pages to get them done rapidly. At their ages, I am always feeling pressure to hurry with everything. QPs just make it happen so much faster since I am the sort that can spend hours on one page when designing from scratch. If you want a tip: Since early spring of this year, I rediscovered Ginger Scraps! I suggest you do the same! What an awesome site, so lively with friendly people that are so giving. I have a huge stash already and most of it has been free! They have a "Welcome Wagon" in their forum, so when you register there you can visit the Welcome Wagon and get a couple of free things from each designer! Then you can visit each designer's blog and Facebook pages and get more free things. I usually participate in their monthly challenges because they are so fun and well run, and when you complete 10 each month you receive another whole free kit!! Is that not awesome!??!! All the designers there are very knowledgeable and willing to help you anytime with questions you may have. I was with them through this year's National Scrapbooking Day celebration, and I won so many wonderful things, even a $100 shopping spree to the store! As if that hasn't been enough, for my birthday they gave me another free kit!! It was such a nice surprise!! If you are a digi-scrapper, VISIT THERE!! I cannot stress that strongly enough!  

I'm going to start uploading my current scrapbook pages of my June trip for you to see, so if you're interested, they will be under the "layout" tab toward the top of my blog page. Credit for the QP designs go to the Gingerbread Ladies over at Ginger Scraps. You'll get a good idea of what I've collected from them so far; and remember, it's only a small portion of my stash. Of course, I do buy supplies from them too, but these gals are so generous it's just almost unreal.

Hope you will leave me some love if you download my freebies. Do stop back by for the template coming soon!


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