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Thursday, February 26, 2015


February has been a busy month for me, and it's almost over!  Yeah!  I don't care much for the winter months of January and February, even here at the beach!  They are two months I could just delete from my calendar and never miss them at all.  The best parts of them are several family and friend's birthday celebrations.  I did do a weekend of traveling with my daughter and her family to see my only granddaughter perform in a state-wide gymnastic competition, and that's always fun!

On the 18th of this month, my dog, Duffy, who will be 3 yrs. old on St. Patrick's Day, had his first seizure of some type which scared the life out of me and my hubby.  We suspect epilepsy, though this is the first sign of it.  Though my husband is very emotional, he is able to cope better in crisis mode than I do, and he handled the dog's symptoms while I called and found a vet who was still open at the 6 p.m. hour of the day. My hubby is very used to doing "mouth-to-muzzle" resuscitation to get a dog's breathing started again, so he performed that immediately when he saw the distress.  Duffy came out of the seizure quickly and returned to his normal self much faster than we did. The vet gave him an quick physical exam, some blood work; and we are scheduled for a recheck on the blood in early March just to make some comparisons in a few of the values.  Everything seems pretty normal. I know that seizures are a neurological disorder, and there is very little warning of them occurring, so we are going to watch him and eventually decide if he needs medical treatment based on how often they occur.  Such an event changes the way you live.  I don't feel comfortable leaving him unattended now.  I find myself scheduling my outings for errands, etc., when the other half is home to watch the dog.  You know how pets become such a large part of your family.  If anyone has experience with this type of thing, please feel free to leave me some comments or advice.

I have three FREEBIES lined up for you, and I will post one each day for the next three days, so be sure to check back.  I'm doing them now and will put them on "auto post" so there will be no messing up or not getting it done!

For today, I have my monthly FREE QUICK PAGE from my participation in the QP Challenge in the forum over at Ivy Scraps.  This month's kit we worked from was "Clowning Around" by Lizard Dau Designs.  Here are the kit previews,

Here is the layout I made with this kit,

and here is a look at the more blank QP without photo and journaling,


My pages, as always, are in png format so you can just slip you photo beneath the opening behind the page and write your journaling on top. They are 12x12" square at 300 dpi for excellent print quality. You can, of course, easily resize them smaller to an 8x8" square in your own software program if you like. If you would like to collect all the other free QPs made with this kit, just visit the February 2015 Quick Page Challenge forum thread over at Ivy Scraps. Each participant will have a post in that thread with a direct download link for their page. You may have to be registered in the forum to be able to see the whole thread. This will certainly be a pretty album, and I'm excited to collect them all.

I've been knitting like crazy on some new cowl patterns since our weather is cooler here. I'm very spastic with my hobbies, moving from one thing to another during different seasons. I make a lot of jewelry when the weather is unbearably hot, then I gradually shift into textiles during cooler weather. I'll show you what I'm making on my "knitting/crochet page" tab above after I resize my photos for the web. I'll try to put a link to get the free patterns when I post the photos. Need to add some layout photos on that tab too! I do my digi-scrapping in all seasons!

You all stay warm, and don't forget to pop back by tomorrow and the next day for another QP and a printable card freebie!


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