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Friday, September 27, 2013


Hello and Happy Fall everyone!  Sorry that my posts are so radically intermittent right now, but I've been stomping around in the guts of my computer for way over a month now.  I believe I may have solved half of my working problems, but there are a few things still not right, and it's wearing on my last nerve!  I'm running Vista Home Premium on a great PC desktop tower, but it's getting pretty old now and no amount of sweet talk is fixing the glitches that have cropped up in the Vista operating system.  I'd really love to upgrade it to Windows 7 but fear I've missed that opportunity for lack of funds at the appropriate time.  I shall keep limping along on this one, dealing with the problems, until my "ship comes in".  LOL!  I'm a believer that those "ships" do dock once in awhile!  We just have to be patient in the meantime.

So sorry that I've fallen behind with my 2013 calendar grids for you.  Catching those up will be next on my list!

Today I have a Fall Quick Page freebie for you made from my participation in the monthly QP contest game over at Digi Scrap Station.  This month we used the kit, RICH EARTH, by Scrappy Cats (preview below).  I'm offering my QP in both the 8-inch and 12-inch size png file at 300 dpi.  Just slip your photo behind it, add some journaling if you like, and you're done! 

Here is my Quick Page . . .


8-inch size, HERE or HERE

12-inch size, HERE or HERE

Hope you can use this in your digi-scrapping this fall.  Remember, if you would like to collect the other Quick Pages from the rest of the contestants, just visit the September QP Game forum thread over at Digi Scrap Station.  You'll find direct download links posted for each page in that forum thread.  All should be in the 8-inch size, but lots of us offer the 12-inch size as well on our blogs.

I'm also having trouble getting my photos to upload into blogger.  Anybody have a solution for that one?  The first one seems to slip in easily, then it doesn't want to upload anymore for me!!  :-(  Frowny face!! 

I will keep working on this until I have this latest blogger myster solved.  I'm a die-hard!

Meantime, keep on scrapping!

Hope to be back soon with more goodies!


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