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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hope you're having a great month of May!  It seems to be flying by so quickly for me, and I can't be the only one feeling that way.  Right?  My DH had a birthday already this month, my DD's birthday was yesterday; and well, there's just a lot of real life happenings that are currently squashing my creative time.  I have a list of "gonna do's" always in front of me, but I don't seem to be checking them off very rapidly!!  You can see from the Etsy widget at the top that I haven't even found time to reload my Etsy store yet!  Where is my free time going??? 

I have managed to keep stride with making my Quick Pages for the monthly contests I enter both at Ivy Scraps and Digi Scrap Station.  I do so enjoy making QPs!  So today, I'm bringing you another QP FREEBIE from my entry at Digi Scrap Station for May.  This month's contest was a little different, using a kit by Kathy's Scraps called "Newborn Wonder".  This kit was separated into monochrome minis, and we got to choose which color we wanted to work with individually.  I chose YELLOW, as you'll see below.  Here are the mini previews of the bundle I worked from . . .

For this contest, we have to submit one 8 x 8-inch, 300 dpi png Quick Page, but I am offering my FREEBIE QP in both an 8 x 8-inch and a 12 x 12-inch size for download below.  Grab whichever you like to use (or both).  Here's what I came up with using this cute baby themed mini . . .


8 x 8-inch size HERE or HERE

12 x 12-inch size HERE or HERE

If you would like to collect a FREE QP Album of similar themed pages in various array of colors, head on over to the forum at Digi Scrap Station and browse through the QP Game for May.  All entries will be posted by the end of this month and each will have a free direct download link in their forum post.  You need to be registered in the forum to see the links, and this is free too! 

I will have another QP for you by the end of this month from my efforts with Ivy Scraps' monthly QP contest, so watch for that coming soon.

I snagged a darling mini kit this month for free by participating in May's Designer Challenge over at one of my longtime favorite hangouts, Digital Scrapbooking Studio, (aka, The Studio, as we call it).  By participating we each have a chance to win the full kit at the end of this month.  Pray I win it, I'm in love with it!  We each got the free mini kit to work up a layout to submit, and I'm totally in love with even the mini kit; it's just so pretty and so versatile!  I'll show you a preview of the mini called "It's All You" which comes from a larger collab by Mad Genius Designs and Julie C. Designs . . .

Am I right, or what??!!  I got all inspired, making not just one layout, but six!!  I had some very recent photos of my only granddaughter (7 yrs. old) playing in her first softball season, so I used this mini to total scrap them up.  I'm thrilled with each page I made, so I'm going to share them here with you.  Maybe you'll be inspired too!  Here we go . . .

I'm pleased that I squashed out some time to get a few pages finished to my satisfaction!  These were pure pleasure to work on!  I'd simply love to win that whole large kit!  I've got my fingers crossed!!

My youngest daughter treated me to an oceanfront brunch outdoors on the deck of one of our favorite Irish pubs.  I had to work that Sunday, but luckily not until the afternoon hours which gave us time to enjoy late morning hours soaking up some sun and food while gazing at a perfectly gorgeous beach on a gorgeous perfect weather day here!  All the photos we took are on our phone cameras, and since I am slow at transferring stuff to my desktop, I haven't anything to show you of that yet!  LOL! 

Mother's Day is always a hard holiday for me since the loss of my oldest daughter.  It usually sparks the beginning of a downward spiral of depression for me that can last a long time.  Last year my DH painted the entire first level of our home with bright colors to bring me out of it.  (Don't know what he has planned for this year.)  Anyway, one of her longtime male friends posted some of his personal photos of her to his FB.  I immediately snagged them since they were new to me and was so very tickled to get them of her.  I had come across some brightly colored QPs in my net surfing which I thought were pretty, so I wrapped her up in them.  After doing so, I sent her male friend the scrapped pages and asked him to add his own story to the best of his memory to each page and sign it.  He has done so and sent them back to me now.  I will set down soon and apply his text story to each page in a pretty font and sign his name on each one.  He said it took awhile and was emotional for him as he always loved her and we all still miss her so and think of her so often.  He totally understood my request though, these were his moments that he captured of her while they were having adventures back in the day.  I want her son to be able to have those stories to read someday as an adult so he will know her and her life better through all of the tons of scrapbooks I intend to leave him in the future.  That little project made me feel better this year through the annual Mother's Day syndrome I normally get.  I feel that I am improving in dealing with my sorrow.  Here's a look at these pages before the text story is applied to them . . .

These QPs are by Sweet Dreamer Designs and are available free at Ivy Scraps as a set of four titled "Spring Sings".  I was immediately inspired when I opened the zip and had my daughter's photos handy.  They just seemed to fit together well and made me feel happy.  Thank you, Sharon, for these lovelies!

Alrighty then, that's all from me until I can post again with another goodie or two.  I know I still need to get up-to-date on those 2013 calender grid freebies for you, too!  Ugh, I hate being behind where my mind is!!

Take care, enjoy your days, and try to always grab a few minutes for yourself somehow; even if it's just to put your feet up and relax a few!  Chat soon!  Thanks to those of you who leave me comments!


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