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Monday, September 17, 2012


Happy Monday, everybody!  I'll try to keep this a short post as I have errands to do at the moment.  Just wanted to pop in and let you know of a super scrapping event going on right now and for the next 40 days!!  If you are an avid digital scrapper, like me, you'll want to take full advantage of this.  It's free, fun, and meaningful to boot!  Royanna over at Divine Digital is leading us through 40 days of meaningful scrapping.  It's all in the forum thread HERE.  She makes a daily post filled with helpful information, inspiration, a daily quote, and even a free gift to download and use if you wish.  The idea is about helping us to express ourselves through our digital layout pages.  None of us are in love with journaling, but this will help simplify that process for you.  This 40-day event started on September 15th, and even though I missed getting started on time myself and missed the 1st day's gift, I jumped in on the 16th and was inspired to catch up.  So you, too, can jump in anytime.  Go visit the thread in the forum and the matching gallery of photos and see what you think!  Here are my layouts so far . . . .

The first day, 9/15, the prompt was "I am an Artist", so everyone did their take on that idea and what that meant to them.  Here is mine . . .

I've always had a problem scrapping about me, myself, and I; but with Royanna's inspirations this came together quite easily.  If you can't read the journaling, have a look at it in the gallery at Divine where we typed out our journaling in the page descriptions.

The second day, 9/16, the prompt was "Why Do I Scrap?"  Now, for me, that's a very loaded question with over a million answers; but Royanna said keep it simple and journal about 5 reasons why you scrap.  She even gave us this free template to use if desired.  Here is my page . . .

Again, my journaling can be best read by visiting the gallery at Divine where you'll find it typed out in the page description.  Also, credits for the papers, elements, etc. that I used are in those page descriptions there.

Okay, I'm finished rambling for today.  Just wanted to pass this along to you.  There will be 40 days of fun scrapping with direction, purpose, and freebies each day!  It's like taking a digi-class for free!!  It doesn't get any better than that, folks!

I'll be back hopefully tomorrow with a free template for you, so pop back in!  I think it's a beauty!


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