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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Sorry I'm late posting today, but it was a busy day filled with unexpected things happening. I won't get into all that and promise to keep this on the brief side. Here's a short funny side story; well, funny to me. I have a brand new nickname which is "2.5" and I'm afraid it's going to hang on forever! I accompanied my DD and friends to our annual Christmas boat regatta (parade of boats on the waterway, all decked out in Christmas lights). We had to get to our chosen viewing site early because traffic for this event was hideous, naturally. We decided to view the waterway from a nice local restaurant on its shores, so we had sushi and a good chardonnay while we waited for the parade to begin. It's not news to me (who drinks very little) that wine goes a long way with me. However, I've managed to keep that secret from my kids for over 30+ years. I never get too loose in front of my own children; it's just the way I was raised I guess. Anyway, this particular evening the bar was wonderful and full of lots of folks we've known for years here, good music, good food, etc. Time seemed to stop for awhile as we tried lots of different shushi. Before the regatta got underway, I had finished two large goblets of chardonnay; and, of course, my great bartender had filled 'er up again. I consumed just a little over half of that third glass before we headed outside to the lawn along the waterway to watch the parade of decorated boats. I took lots of pictures, night shots. Later as we were walking to our vehicle leaving, words started coming off my tongue backwards, and everybody in my group got a huge kick out of me. Hence, my new nickname is "2.5", my cut-off point which they now all know and are feeling so smug about knowing. Heck, I've known that all my life!!

I do love wines though and recently have been turned on by the Moscato which has a wonderfully smooth, light, and sweet taste.  One I particularly favor is by Castillo del Poggio which I tried when dining at the Olive Garden not long ago.  There are lots of less expensive brands which are good (I've been testing them out), and so far I can highly recommend the Moscato by Barefoot which is comparable to a more expensive brand. 

Okay, onward with my FREEBIES for you for today. First, I've completed my December Paper Pack for you, inspired by my desire to create some paper with text on it (doing the months of the year right now).  Here you get 9 background papers made with the holiday season in mind.  They are 12 x 12", 300 dpi.  Here's the preview . . .

I had to divide this zip file into two parts to get it uploaded to my box file sharing account, so be sure to pick up both packs if downloading from there.  Or you can download just one larger file from 4Shared, your choice.

From box:

From 4Shared:  HERE

Next up I have another template for you in my daily effort from now till Christmas!  Here you get my TEMPLATE #13, and below is the preview and download link.  Enjoy! 


Again, providing two sites for downloading in case I run short of monthly bandwidth.

That's all I have for you, my peeps, today.  Hopefully, I'll be back earlier tomorrow with another template for you.  I'm off to do some of my own digi-scrapping right now!  Can't wait for this time of the evening!  Yeah, it's here finally . . . my time!

Talk soon!


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