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Monday, May 16, 2011


I came across a cool technique while browsing forum posts at my favorite playground, Jessica Sprague.  Anyone who hangs out there much will come to know a fellow named "Earl", and he's such a sweetie to share so much knowledge.  I immediately dashed over to Earl's blog and watched the videos in his May 7th posting and then tried this out for myself in PSE6.  It worked beautifully!  This is all about how to take a digital photo and transform it into what looks like a "pencil sketch".  Of course, you can tweak it until you are happy with it, and results will be better on some photos you use than others.  I had a recent photo of my folks at a beach-front stop-off we like to use, and I just liked how they were positioned in the picture, so I played around with turning it into a pencil sketch and then made a layout using that as a large focal point.  Here's how it turned out . . .

Mind you, this is my first attempt but I was happy with how it turned out.  The technique is simple enough and  gets rather addictive as you go along.  LOL!  You'll find yourself wanting to try it on all kinds of your photos.  I'll show you another layout below so you can see the original photo I chose to work this technique on.  The original photo looks quite good and just appealed to me.

The pencil sketch was done using the top right photo above, a couple of easy steps to follow, and you can see the results; very cool!  The above layout was my submission for the 15th Template Tuesday challenge over at Jessica Sprague using the template provided by Monica Lifferth and the kit is "Strawberry Lemonade" by Jessica Sprague.  I just love using templates for a jump-start, so I love getting free ones on top of the ones I design myself.  If you are interested in collecting free templates or getting into doing the Template Tuesday challenges, the templates are posted each Tuesday morning for download on the JS sister blog, Digi Lovely.  After you complete 10 and post them to the gallery, you have earned a $5 off purchase of $10 gift certificate good in the JS store. 

Okay, I'm off.  My scrapping juices are flowing, so I'm going back to that for awhile.  Just wanted to share.  Be back soon!


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