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Monday, June 28, 2010


No matter how helter-skelter my house and daily life are, I crave a few minutes to scrap and manage to squeeze it in (even if it's just a few minutes with my cup of java!).  I'm getting lots of photos this time of year, so a "Project 365" or "Project 52" is no problem here!  I'm just crazy about using templates when trying to scrap and pressed for time.  Wow!  They are just wonderful to help out the ol' braino get a jump start!  I got these pages finished and was so pleased with them I just had to share:

These are my in-laws visiting now; Nanny in the middle (my DH's mom), her sister on the right and sister's husband on the left taken at my nearby local pier.  You can see that those beautiful heads of platinum hair run in his family, and he aquired his when only 25 years of age.  The base of this layout is BH_Template05 from Bhaven Designz.  It's quite a good example of how sometimes "less is more" in that it is simplistic but quite lovely to showcase certain photos or portions of them.  I'm certain that I will be using this template very often.

The two LO's above were made using the same template, CWC April Template Challenge from Enchanted Studio Scraps forum.  I love this one and how differently it can look after loading the photos and different papers, etc.  Whew!  I get so excited!  Both of these were put together using kits from the ESS forums Pixie Pouch Challenge made by designer Chaos Lounge and kit, SED_Flopped Flipped.  The largest font on both LO's is called JI_Evzone, and I find it to be a super cool one. 

That's all I have to show you for the moment; just doing a quick drive by here today!  Haha!  I'm staying on the move right now but hope to be back with a FREEBIE maybe tomorrow, so stay tuned in.  Thanks to all who leave me their comments here and over at 4Shared when you download.  I read them all and appreciate your taking a few seconds to say something and connect in some way.  Chat again soon!


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