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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Shame on me!  I just finished going through my 4th PhotoShop Friday lesson from Jessica Sprague, and I really can't rave on enough about how great a deal these are in addition to how much fun they are!!  I learned how to make the round digital element (sticker type in the top right corner) that you see in this layout below which I finished during the lesson (and the template, papers, etc. were in JS's download). 

Mom will just kill me if she ever sees I'm putting flicks of her surgical recovery time on the internet!  LOL!  However, when I saw the template, that's the photo that popped into my head to use with the word art on the psd file already.  Well, as usual with me, doing the lesson just inspired me to practice more, and it really spurs my creative juices.  Back to the point of my topic, I also realized at the same time that I've shamefully neglected putting projects into THE MASON JAR, so I created a very special one that I hope you all will like and show me some support in my effort.  I love these and will use them often since I live at the beach and never stop lovin' it!  Here's the preview and price:

PRICE:  $1.00

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I've included 7 different sticker elements with a beachy theme.  They are png files, 300 dpi and are coming to you 2 inches round but can easily be resized larger or smaller to suit your scrapping needs.  I learned so much in this lesson, it was astonishing!  I'm just so excited I had to share!  If you're not familiar with my Mason Jar, please use the labels in the right column to read up on it.  Thanks oodles, and I'll see you next post.  Be looking for a  Friday Freebie if I can stay on track!


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