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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Yes, I feel like issuing an "APB" for two gorgeous silk plant hangers that I made myself early this past August; for they came up missing off my front porch during the wee hours of one dark night this week already!  I'm telling you, I am not the luckiest person this side of the Rockies!  Take a look at one of them in this photo below and you'll see why I'm so sick in the pit of my stomach!

Now, I realize we aren't supposed to be materialistic while here on earth, and I really try to make a concerted effort to avoid that.  However, I have a real problem with blatent theivery!!  I had purchased these two simplistic silk hanging baskets a very long time ago at my local Home Depot where I found them decorating the kitchen cabinet section.  They hung as they were for many years on my front porch devoid of any colorful blossoms.  In the south the sun tends to reek havoc on the plastic veins of silk florals within a couple of years.  When I looked at them this past summer looking fairly raggedy, I decided to take them down and rework them with new fresh silks.  I spent what I consider a good deal of time at my local Wal Mart shopping and deciding what silk pieces and stems to put together for a new look that may coordinate with my "smurf blue" townhouse with its burgundy front door.  (Ugh, not the easiest color combo to try to blend something with!)  I'm a modified hippie and a long time professional knotter (macrame artist), and I had made the loopy variegated cord hangers for the original two wicker type basket containers to liven them up in the beginning.  These hangers were complete with covered brass rings at the top and matching wooden beads, the cord being a nice variegation of tan, darker brown fleck, and "country blue".  I can remember scooting around on my kitchen floor making a big mess doing the make-over on these two baskets as my Angel Daughter laughed as she watched me perform one of mini crafting miracles I'm famous for in my family.  It definitely was a "Janytime" moment, hence, moments such as these are why they dubbed me that nickname.  Each spring I've had little birds make their nest and raise their young out of these baskets, never minding us coming and going all the time through the front door so closeby.  I don't do things like these baskets to be showy, I do them to make myself smile when I go in and out of my own door and can see something pretty that I've made.  It just makes ME feel good, right on site (sight too), each and every time I pass.  Well, they are both gone, just as if they had disappeared into thin air.  My DH and I noticed their absence immediately as we left the house for lunch.  For a few minutes I was hopeful that they had just blown off their hooks during the strong wind and rain storm we had sustained a night prior.  I walked over my neighborhood looking for them in the corners of other porches and shrub lines but all to no avail.  I even thought if it were just due to somebody's mean streak, perhaps I would find them in one of the three dumpsters in the neighborhood, so I went dumpster diving also to no avail while my DH pleaded with me to just "let it go".  I tried to reason it out why someone would take such a thing.  Did they need to steal to resell it for food for their family?  If so, they had poor judgement due to the fact that other things on display on my front porch were worth far more money, such as the wrought iron sunshine, the copper kokopeli's, and an iron sculpture of two frogs sharing a park bench; all of which I now feel like I need to put away in my attic!  I know we are to turn the other cheek and forgive, so I will try.  It's just another one of those spurs under my saddle!!  However, if in my future travels locally I should spy them hanging on someone else's front porch, no telling what I will do then!!!

Speaking of attics, that's what I worked on all day today.  I cleaned my attic, complete with a good vacumming!  My BFF and I have vowed this is the year we will minimize our lives and excess "stuff", but she is well known for out-working me in this department.  I am a natural pack-rat by birthrights, so it's extremely difficult for my Gemini mind to decide what things I can toss out and truly live without.  However, I do feel good about getting the attic in better shape and clean.  At least that's a good starting point to this year's minimizing project!  Yeah for me!

I was roaming around through digi-shop forums and happened upon the Supreme Team IX contest going on at GDS.  Deadline for entry was Tuesday night, Feb 2nd.  I just happened to be there, so I signed up to participate in the contest with the rest of 180 contestants!  Whew!  That's a lot of folks!  Out of that number only 12 will be selected to be a part of the site's CT team for a 4-month term.  We are only in the first round of competition, and there will be a total of 4 rounds with eliminations each week.  The kit provided us for the first round was "Sew Chic" by Tricia Curtis Designs, and we each had to make a layout from it using nothing extra other than the kit and whatever capabilities are inside our scrapping software programs.  Here's what I did with it:

It's a beautiful kit loaded with gorgeous papers and a huge amount of elements and a beautiful alpha.  The colors are soft and muted, sort of my type of grunge.  I immediately saw photos of my own fiber art crafting wrapped up into this kit somehow, so this is the page I came up with.  Everyone's layout is being uploaded to the gallery at GDS under the heading of  "Supreme Team IX Contest Gallery, Round 1".  The competition is stiff, going to be too many great ones.  I don't expect to make it past the first round, but it's fun to try anyway.  You always make new friends hanging out in the shop forums! 

Well, that's all I have to harp about tonight, peeps!  I hope to be back sometime tomorrow with a "FRIDAY FREEBIE" for you all, so stop back by!  Bless You, and Happy Scrapping!


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