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Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi ya'll! Can't believe that summer has flown by so fast and the children in my area are preparing to return to school already! Yikes! My 7-yr. old grandson LOVES school and looks forward to returning. He gets very attached to his teachers each year and dislikes the move from one grade to another and having to get used to new people and locations, but he always loves going to school. He's a smart little fella and loves to read, learn, do math, and play sports. We can only hope his younger sister who is almost 4 yrs. old will follow his studious ways. She is the more out-going of the two and the more likely to get into trouble because she is never quiet.

Okay, to celebrate the time of year, the design team at DK Designs has a brand new colorful kit for you called "Back To School" available at iscrapbook. It's chocked full of creative school themed elements and great papers and is so easy to work with. Here's the kit preview:

Isn't it just too cute! I'm a granny, so I love kits that I can use to scrap up my grandbabies!! The gals even have designed a matching Quick Page Album for those with less time to leisurely enjoy scrapping. Take a look:

Adorable, right?!! Hurry over the iscrapbook and pick up yours! Here's what our talented CT has done with this kit so far:

By Amanda . . .

By Anjanette . . .
By Brandy . . . And by me . . .
We celebrated Dee's last day of 1st grade at my house with one of those large cookies by Mrs. Fields from one of the local malls. Just so happens that my youngest daughter is "Mrs. Fields" by marriage, so the cookie guy who waited on us was cracking up and fearful that she was the real Mrs. Fields there to check up on them! It was a riot! Dee achieved all kinds of school awards such as winning a spelling bee, no days absent, perfect report card, and math shark award. So, we felt he deserved a slight celebration in his honor. He really enjoys participating in school, and I just hope it stays that way for him. I'm sure it makes learning a lot easier, not to mention being a good student makes it nicer for the teachers, too! We have lots of schools in our area, and; since he will be in the second grade now, he will move to a completely new location which will take him a little getting used to before he is totally comfortable again.

Well, I have a busy day tomorrow and need to make this a shorter post so I can get some decent sleep tonight. I am so guilty of staying up until the wee hours because it is so peaceful and I consider it "my time" to think straight. But tomorrow I must give of myself to others, so I think decent sleep is in order tonight.

Do check back by soon. I'm working on some beach themed freebies for my followers here and hope to be posting more of them soon! I believe they will be useful in scrapping up your vacation photos if you took a trip to the shore.

Until I return, Happy Scrapping!


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