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Monday, January 19, 2009


January is fleeting and tomorrow is Inauguration Day for our country's 44th president. Most of my family will be glued to the television to witness this historic event. It's wonderful to be alive while historic events are coming to fruition!

I'm always late dismantling my Christmas tree and putting all the holiday decor away. I like to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas, and then I put it off even longer; I just don't like the taking it down part. But I did it for one whole afternoon, and when it was neatly put away I decided to go further into a cleaning frenzie. Mind you, this is not like me. As long as things are clean, I can generally take or leave the mess or clutter. I am creative in a lot of venues, so that makes for a lot of stuff hanging about here and there. But, wouldn't you know, my digi-scrap mentor stopped during the holidays long enough to clean and organize her pantry and declutter her entire kitchen and post the photos of her accomplishments on her blog, http://teristhingomyjigs.blogspot.com/, so little does she know that she has now spurred me into attempting to clean up my place, well, just a tad anyway! Love ya, Girl! Needed a little fork in the hiny here! LOL! Happy to report that my laundry room now looks liveable again. Somehow I managed to throw away a truckload of junk from that small room and cleaned it down to shining the floor! Feels good! But, shucks, that's just the beginning of what needs to be done in my palace. I have an attack plan and am making a list, but I don't think I'll be posting any pictures of my progress as my place just isn't that impressive, nor is my work on it. LOL!

Okay, I've been learning a few things in my PSE6, and I'm so happy with my little bit of progress!! I've made my first go-round of papers, some of which I'll be sharing as freebies for you, and I've played around with making frames and elements with different styles. I even purchased some great Commercial Use products and some styles from Divine Digital and learned how to install my new styles using a tutorial from Cen's Loft that I picked up last fall from her blog. It worked perfectly, and I had fun spreading my wings a little bit in my PSE6 which until now has been like a stranger sitting there in my computer with its icon on my desktop. I've decided to "dig in" and conquer learning to use this software, so as a Christmas gift to myself I took Linda Sattgast's January offer on a subscription to Digital Scrapper Premier which is packed full of lessons, tutorial videos for learning techniques in your editing software, and comes monthly with a free full digital scrapbooking kit and quick page album! I'm very impressed with how much you get and how good the lessons are! All this can be found at ScrappersGuide. I also ordered Linda's CD full of step by step lessons for beginners learning PSE6, and that should be in my mailbox just any day now. Can't wait to get started on that one! I also learned from her site that those interested in purchasing PSE7 can get a great deal at Costco on it where the software comes packaged with her tutorial CD for learning it. Now that's a deal for the money!!

And now, here is my first paper pack freebie. I've called this "TimeVine" and you'll be able to see why when you unzip the file. I've included six papers in various degrees of saturation which is what I was playing with when making these papers. It's an old sundial with a vine-like overlay. Special thanks go to Cindy Ritter for the CU_swirloverlay_1 used in the making of this paper pack. Cindy's designs can be found at Divine Digital Boutique. Here is the preview:


Please let me know how you like it by posting your comments here or at 4Shared. I'd love to see anything you make using it, so feel free to email me your creations, and I'll be glad to show them here in my posts. Hopefully, I'll be back soon with some free embellishments, more frames, and lots more paper packs! Until then, Happy Scrappin'!!


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