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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sand Art

Excited today; got inspired and learned some new things. Have just started this blog and already have changed my template to "Tropical Popsicle" from blog template designer http://jtsamples.blogspot.com/2008/08/scrap-kit-tropical-popsicle-designer.html and she also has a second blog full of her scrap kit designs at http://jtsdesigns.blogspot.com/. She even included a wonderful tutorial on her first site above to install and tweak the template to Blogger. Thanks so much! I'm happy now! Looks more like where I live! I even snagged a few more of extra that I really love in aqua colors (my favorite) for future use. You know we ladies change our minds frequently!

Here's a link to another great digi-scrapper that I enjoy immensely and follow as often as she posts:


She lives in the United Kingdom, is a great story teller, and has a lovely sense of humor! Not to mention she is a great scrapbook kit and template designer! I can tell she is one busy lady! Go check her out! She offers a ton of freebies!

From her site tonight I snagged a great Quick Page designed by Linda's Lot and worked it up quickly with a bit of politcal humor and the great beach sand art that gone on here this year! The Republicans were lucky because our weather held off raining and the sand artists were able to get their display designed and built to its completion. I think it rained too hard here during the Democrat's debate a few weeks later this spring. Weather at the coast is always very unpredictable!

My layout using Linda's Summer Bay Quick Page:

This QP is part of a huge kit the CT members at Cens Loft have put together and you can gather it up and have a great time with it! It's been a great summer project by them, and I for one am grateful to have all of it to work with! Thanks gals!!

Tropical Storm Fay is working her way north/northwest across Florida, and I'm hoping we won't see much out of her by the time she PASSES BY my area! Notice my positive thinking!

Well, I'm off again to do a little digi-scrapping tonight! I'm going to try my hand at offering some freebies myself in the next few days, so stay tuned. I have to figure out upload files to 4shared so you can download them.

Take care out there, and wear a smile!

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LindaJD said...

Thank you so much it's Wonderful!!
my email is linton52@gmail.com
sorry I will hae to activate it in my profile now..I will add you Page to my Blog later when my babysitting duties are over..:D
Thank you for using it and getting in touch with me..:)